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Lavant - Origins

The contiguous parishes of East and Mid Lavant are 2¼ miles north of Chichester; a parish or tithing called West Lavant (Westlouente) has lost its identity, but was probably on the site of the present Lavant House. The place- name derives from the river which rises in Singleton and, after tortuous course, finds its way to Chichester Channel; the word "Lavant" is derived from a British root meaning 'to glide'. The early forms of the place-name, Loventone, Lovintune, merely added a -ton ending to the river name, signifying 'a farm on the Lavant'. The -ton ending seems to have been abandoned during the 13th century; the prefixes, East, Mid and West indicate the relative geographical situations of the parishes. At the time of the Domesday Book, East Lavant was held by the Archbishop of Canterbury, but no church or priest is mentioned.

Further information about the history of Lavant can be found at British History Online.

We are blessed with two Norman churches which are both used for services  every week and for many community activities.  The pages below give you more information about our 2 lovely church buildings: