"All things come from you, O Lord, and of your own do we give you." (1 Chronicles 29.14)

These words are taken from King David's prayer at the consecration of the Temple, and recall the people of Israel's understanding that we have nothing of our own - only what God has given. In response to God’s gracious generosity Christians are called to give towards his mission in the world.

To keep our churches open and an active Christian ministry alive in our parishes cost about £113,000 in 2018, that’s £2,173 per week. This amount excludes all but the most routine maintenance on our historic buildings. This money does not come from some secret fund but from generous donors who wish to give thanks to God by supporting his work.

If you would like to support Christ’s mission in this parish and ensure that our historic churches remain open there are various ways in which you can give.

For more information on giving, please contact our Treasurer by email here

Where does the money go?

It costs over £113,000 a year to keep our churches open and resource the church’s ministry. The table below illustrates the major expenses incurred in 2018 (excluding major work to the fabric of the churches).

Cartoon by Dave Walker, originally published in the Church Times