Our appointed Safeguarding Officer is Elizabeth Woodford, who can be contacted on 01243-527489

The Diocese of Chichester Safeguarding Advisor is Colin Perkins who can be contacted via 01273 425792 / 07500 771210

Further contact details for the Diocese of Chichester safeguarding team can be found here.

Lavant Churches PCC has adopted the House of Bishop’s Promoting a Safer Church; Safeguarding Policy Statement. Futhermore, we follow the guidance issued by the Diocese of Chichester to provide a safe environment for young people and vulnerable adults. To achieve this we do the following:

  • Junior Church leaders are DBS checked and receive S0 and S1 training under the Simple Quality Protects programme. Our Junior Church coordinator and Safeguarding Officer also receive S2 training concerning safer recruitment of staff and volunteers.
  • Toddler Group helpers receive at least S0 training
  • Those who regularly visit vulnerable adults receive at least S0 training
  • S0 training is available for anyone in the church community who wishes to be better informed of how to support young people and vulnerable adults, to know what to be aware of and to know what to do where there are concerns.
  • Our policy regarding the recruitment of volunteers to work with children or vulnerable adults requires us to have known the prospective volunteer for at least six months (or to have received suitable references) and gives provision for us to request references if we think that would be desirable.
  • The Rector is DBS checked and receives S0, S1 and S2 training.
  • All training must be renewed every three years.

Safeguarding is everyone's responsibility. If you have a concern then speak with our Safeguarding Officer or visit the what to do if? page of the Diocese of Chichester safeguarding website.

You can also access advice from agencies external to the church here.