Lavant Churches

Welcome to Lavant Churches

Here in Lavant we are blessed with two beautiful church buildings which many people come to visit and admire.

But the church is not simply the building - the church is the people who gather together to share in worship and also reach out to the community with many activities which everyone is welcome to be part of.

What sort of church are we?

We are part of the Church of England. At Lavant Churches we have a very wide age range and seek to value everyone. Our services are varied and often based on the Eucharist where we share in singing, readings from the Bible, prayers and the bread and wine of communion.

Our music includes traditional hymns but also some contemporary worship songs especially at our monthly Let's Celebrate service.

We enjoy being together and will warmly welcome you to be part of Lavant Churches whether to join us in worship or to join in with our community activities.

What if I have never been to church before?

Even regular church goers are apprehensive if they visit a church that they do not know! Things quickly become familiar after several Sundays.

When you arrive you will be given a pew sheet (with a list of bible readings that will be used) and also an order of service which will guide you through.

Children are encouraged to be part of our church. We can provide themed boxes for young children to help them be engaged with a Bible story and Junior Church is available during school term time. In the Let's Celebrate service the talk involves the children and they often help in other parts of the service.

If it is a communion service (when we receive the bread and wine) then please come up to the altar either to receive the bread and wine (if that is your custom) or to receive a blessing. You will be told when to go up!

The life of the church is sustained by prayer

You can join in with the daily prayer of the church by following this link. You can also install the Church of England's daily prayer app on your phone.

If you prefer to be led in prayer by listening and engaging your imagination then the Pray as you go site will allow you to do just that. This site is run by the Jesuits in Britain.

St Nicholas' Church - interior works

We are very fortunate to have secured some grants to enable us to do some badly needed maintenance to the interior of St Nicholas' Church. Our aim is to provide a welcoming church for all.

The work will be in 2 phases;

  1. The first phase will be to install a state of the art modern kitchen to replace the rather tired and inadequate existing kitchen. Work starts for approximately 2 months from 11 May 2022. During this time existing activities and services will continue to take place, however, the church will NOT be open at any other time for prayer and quiet reflection.

  2. The second phase will be to install new audio visual equipment and to repaint the entire interior of the building with specialist lime wash paint. Unfortunately, we can't just nip down to the local DIY store and get several tins of our favourite emulsion to do the job! As St Nicholas' Church is a Grade 2 listed building we must use materials appropriate to its structure and to preserve it for generations to come. This work will take place later in the year and it is likely that the building will be closed completely whilst it is being done.

We have received a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund to cover some of the refurbishment work.

2021 Annual Report

The 2021 annual report is now available. To see the report please click on this link