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News from Jaco & Corrina, MAF

posted 17 Oct 2016, 09:09 by Richard Ryder
Those of you who were at our Harvest Supper in 2014 will remember that we heard from Jaco Loenen.  At that time Jaco was training to become a pilot with Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) and hoping to go overseas with them. 
We have recently heard from Jaco and his wife, Corrina, and their email is printed below; note the prayer requests.
We are now more than 6 weeks in Australia and we are doing well.
Over the last weeks Jaco was able to do lots of flight training and learned a lot about the ins and outs of Australian aviation, which is not quite the same as in Europe.
Terrain and weather are different. If you fly from here to the North or the West you fly over very remote places, where nearly no one lives. Survival kits and we have to stay in contact with the Search-and-Rescue-services. All you can see is Eucalyptus trees and rocks and rivers (mostly dry ones) carving the landscape. It is really beautiful. If you fly to the South there is fertile grounds with lots of agriculture and if you fly to the East there are mountains, mostly covered in clouds. If you happen to see a gap in the clouds and find you way through a valley you can go the beautiful coast with the great barrier reef.
Airstrips in the bush are different too. They are not regularly maintained and checked and can be overgrown, so we have to do low passes over the airstrip to inspect it first whether anthills, washouts, rocks or wildlife (read kangaroos) are making landing (or take off) too dangerous. All great stuff to learn.
This week (21st of Sept) Jaco has to do his Australian CPL (commercial pilots license) flight exam. Do pray that all will go smoothly.
This Saturday Jaco has to do an English test as well. Both exams are needed to launch the working visa application. 
Soon we we will be talking with MAF about the place in Arnhemland where we could live and serve. Exciting times. Please pray that we will receive God's wisdom and leading in the decisions making process. That God's will for our family will be clear.
Many thanks for your interest and prayers,
Jaco, Corrina, Joah & Amy


Last week we told you about the exams that Jaco had to do: a CPL (Australian commercial pilot’s license) and IELTS (English) test. Both went well. After an examination that took a full day (theory exam + flight test), Jaco passed his CPL test!! A great relief because exams, which are plentiful in aviation, are never fun. Even though the English exam still needs to be checked, Jaco thinks it went well. Praise the Lord!  We thank God for answered prayers and His blessing on these tests. Thanks for your prayers.

What's next?

We hope that in two weeks’ time the remaining paperwork will come through so we can launch the working-visa application. This visa has a process time of two months.  We don't need to be bored in the coming months as we have the following things scheduled in:
  • This week Jaco starts flights on the G8 Airvan, the aircraft he will be flying in Arnhemland as well. This plane is bigger than Jaco has flown before. Exciting!!
  • In two weeks’ time we aim to do the MAF orientation course in Cairns
  • In four weeks’ time Jaco's MAF-flight standardization course starts. This is a MAF specific, advanced flight training which lasts one month.
During these weeks we will be in contact with MAF about the place we are going to be based. Please pray for ongoing wisdom.
Many thanks and Blessings,
Jaco, Corrina Joah & Amy