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From April's APCM

posted 2 May 2015, 11:00 by Richard Ryder

65 parishioners attended the Annual Parochial Church Meeting on Tuesday 14 April and 10 sent their apologies.  At the meeting, the churchwardens (Cynthia Blades and Barbara Treverton) and the secretary to the PCC (Lindsay Campbell) were re-elected; Tina Saunders and Kevin Chapman left the PCC and Ben Smith and Graham Manson joined the PCC.  Margaret Johnson was elected as Vice-Chairman of the PCC (the Rector being Chairman).
The following are the main points of the report on our Electoral Roll presented to the meeting:

  • Total number down from 328 to 308 (compared with a year ago).
  • Only 30.2% of the membership resides within the ecclesiastical parish boundaries.
  • 95% of members live within a 7 mile radius of the parish – the locus being in the north side of Chichester.
  • 34.4% of the membership live in Summersdale.
  • There has been a net decrease of 20 people on the roll since last year. Apart from renewal years this is the first time there has been a decrease in roll numbers since 1993.
  • The age profile shows a shifted bell curve, the peak age range being 74 in the 70-80 age bracket. Only 37 [12%] people on the roll are below the age of 40. The average age is 63.6 and the median age is 66.1.
  • The gender split is 65% female vs 35% male; the gender imbalance is always in favour of females across the age ranges. The biggest disparity is in the 40-50 bracket [7 male vs 30 female].
To see the further details and charts click here