posted 26 Feb 2011, 03:07 by Richard Ryder   [ updated 6 Oct 2012, 11:07 ]

1. Heating at St.Nicholas'

Following complaints about the cold - especially during functions in December - the heating now seems to be better, and the Boost function on each heater will be clearly labelled. It is important that the Boost setting is switched off when leaving the premises, as this electricity is not on the cheap tariff.

2. Handrail for St Mary's Pathway/Drive

The precise boundaries are still being actively investigated by the Churchwardens.

3. Lavant Lunch House Report

Lunch House has been running for over seven years, with about 35 attending each session. Christmas Lunch was given free, due to the economic climate and sufficient funds being available.

4. Elderly and Care Group (Luncheon Club)

Membership stands at 27 but attendance is usually lower, so there is capacity for new members. The Christmas Lunch was marred by the lack of heating in St Nicholas’. The annual outing was to the Weald and Downland Museum, and a visit to the pantomime in Bognor was enjoyed.

5. Tea and Chat (Open House)

The group meets on the 3rd Wednesday of each month. Usually 6-10 attend and enjoy afternoon tea. More guests would be welcome.

6. Treasurer's Report

The Accounts for 2010 had been examined by the independent examiner.

RESOLVED that the annual Report and Accounts for 2010 be approved.
The Draft Budget for 2011 had been prepared. Disappointment was expressed that - despite the mailing to all on the Electoral Roll - the projected voluntary income remains the same.
Gift Aid drops from 28% to 25% in April.

The Draft Budget shows a deficit of £5360 which is £3750 more than last year's actual deficit.

RESOLVED that the Draft Budget for 2011 be approved.

7 Churchwardens' Report

A second quote for the restoration of the stained glass windows had been received. The Churchwardens needed to confer before proceeding further.

8. Deanery Synod - Report back

A report was given of the meeting held 15 February. The guest speaker – the Very Reverend Nicholas Frayling, (Dean of the Cathedral) – gave an interesting talk on his life at the Cathedral. The General Synod is considering more accessible language in part of the Common Worship, particularly baptisms and weddings.

9. Deanery Family Support Worker

Along with other parishes in the Deanery Lavant had received a request to resume funding for this important work. We have already budgeted £100 for 2011.

Forthcoming Meeting

PCC Tuesday, 12 April Lavant Room, St Mary's 7.30 p.m.