Lavant Fete 2011. Saturday 18th June

posted 7 Jul 2011, 07:16 by Richard Ryder   [ updated 23 Feb 2015, 10:23 ]
Were you there? If you were at the 2011 Lavant Fete, you will know why our village fete this year reaffirmed all the reasons why we are just so fortunate to live in this unique and beautiful corner of England. The setting was perfect and the conviviality and joy of the whole day was an experience that will remain as a treasured memory always.

Thank you seems too inadequate a word to express our gratitude to everyone who worked so hard before, during and after the day itself and to all who made this day so special. We had a wonderful time and do hope that you did too. Thank you to everyone who supported this very happy day.

The Lavant Fete Committee.


Plenty of Fun was had at the Lavant Village Fete thanks to all who helped and attended. The Funds provided an amazing total , despite the stormy weather, and have been distributed as follows:

(1) Lavant Village Churches                     £1000

(2) Cricket Club                                        £120

(3) Football Club                                       £120

(4) Youth Sailing & Playground                £120

(5) Friends of Lavant School                     £200

(6)Friendly Club                                        £100

(7) Lunch House                                        £100

(8) Luncheon Club                                     £100

(9) Scouts                                                   £100

(10)Air Training Corps                              £400

(11)Lavant Memorial Hall                         £400

(12)Dog Training Group                            £50

(13)Chichester High School Girls              £40

(14)Lavant Christmas Party Group           £100

                                             TOTAL        £2950