posted 11 Jun 2011, 07:48 by Richard Ryder   [ updated 6 Oct 2012, 10:59 ]
On 26th September last year we incorporated an opportunity for those who would like to receive the healing ministry for themselves or on behalf of another person to do so within the 10.00 am service at St Mary’s. Since then a questionnaire on ‘wholeness and healing services’ was sent to electoral roll members and the congregation. About 10% were returned. As a result of the analysis of this, for a trial period of 12 months, we are going to make the ministry available on the 4th Sunday of each month at St Mary’s Church, East Lavant at the 10.00 am service.

This service will be the normal one carried out at this time each Sunday and at The Peace those who are going to exercise the ministry of healing will be commissioned in the service.  Each of them has been on courses and the whole preparation has taken place over 18 months. These will then be available in the space in the Memorial Chapel.

During the service as we go up to and return from the altar rail after receiving Communion or a Blessing anyone who wishes to do so can go into the Memorial Chapel to receive this ministry on behalf of themselves or for anyone they are anxious about or have in mind. They can then return from there to their places during the rest of the administration of Communion.

If anyone is interested in the ministry or has experience of it and can contribute with thoughts and information I would be very pleased to receive that input. Training is available for all who would like to participate.

The 12 month period will commence on Sunday 24th July 2011 and each 4th Sunday omitting Christmas Day on 25th December.

David Parker Rector