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The Chichester Diocesan ebulletin is adapting! We appreciate your feedback and one thing repeated to us is that parishes like to use some of the items form the ebulletin in their magazines, but the dates don’t always work. So we are changing from sending on the 1st of each month to the 15th so that this hopefully will make the items more usable in your magazines. So this month there will also be an ebulletin on the 15th. It would also be useful if items sent in could say how many months you would ideally like them inserted for, although ours will be the final decision.

We welcome your feedback on the layout and content of the ebulletin, so keep the comments coming. If you have missed previous editions do visit the website here. We try to avoid repeating everything each month so access to previous editions is important.

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Comment from….

Richard Jackson

Diocesan Mission and Renewal Advisor.


Stick to what we know

I remember in my first year at university having to do a maths module as part of my agriculture course.  Not being a great mathematician it was a profoundly distressing experience.  During lectures I recognised the individual words but put together in sentences they made absolutely no sense to me at all. The joy when I discovered the course was optional was intense! The way my brain is wired means certain mathematical concepts will always remain beyond me.


As we contemplate philosophical responses to the latest natural disaster in Japan many of us will feel on similar ground. We may feel, through faith rather than reason, that there is a hidden purpose behind it all, and indeed the scriptural teaching about God’s sovereignty would encourage us to do so. However, our capacity to understand what is going on, and therefore explain it to sceptics will I suspect remain forever beyond our intellectual capacity (rather like higher maths).


As Christians do we then have anything to say to a sceptical world about the God who appears to permit random earthquakes and acts of human cruelty? 


It seems best to stick with what we do know rather than speculate about what we don’t.  What we do know is God reveals himself in Christ as a God who not only draws alongside his creation but extraordinarily suffers with it. The cross speaks of God intimately involved in the redemption of a broken world, standing in solidarity with the hurt, the bereaved and the lost.


At a personal level, we might learn both from this and the salutary reminder of Job’s comforters. The latter did their best work at the beginning of his suffering when they just sat with him and shut up! With our suffering friends acts of generous solidarity and compassion may be all the apologetic we need.




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BBC Cutbacks - Make your voice heard!

We are in an age of cutbacks and the BBC is no different. The programmes provided by local radio station of BBC Surrey and Sussex are under pressure of being reduced. What is needed is for as many people as possible to tell the station that they are doing a good job and how much they are appreciated. We are especially blessed with the wonderful religion and ethics programme broadcast on Sunday mornings, presented by Gavin Ashenden and produced by Emily Jeffrey. We need to shout from the rooftops how good they are! If you want to make your voice heard then write to Nicci Holliday, Managing Editor at   nicci.holliday@bbc.co.uk or snail mail c/o BBC Sussex, 40-42 Queens Road, Brighton, BN1 3XB.


The Diocesan Magazine in every parish!

All clergy get a copy of the Chichester Magazine but how about letting others in your parish know that they can order a copy too. We believe that sharing the word through good news is essential for growing church. We believe the magazine has the power to enhance the mission of the church. We’re sure you will love the new look all colour magazine. Don’t miss out on your copy. Out this month so order your copies now. For subscription costs email communication@dioci.org.uk

We want to encourage interaction so we also welcome letters for the magazine. If you have anything to say then send it to The Editor, Chichester Magazine, Diocesan Church House, 211 New Church Road, Hove, East Sussex, BN3 4ED.


The Oxford Dictionary of Saints by David Farmer

Being publishing this month 14th April 2011, Oxford University Press £11.99 Paperback. ISBN 978-0-19-959660-7. If you are interested in reviewing this publication please get in contact with  Communications@diochi.org.uk


Mission Statistics for 2010

Every year we collect the mission returns that measure Church attendance and membership both on Sundays and throughout the week.  The statistics are incredibly helpful to the Church Growth team, both in identifying areas of growth to celebrate and also places that need more help.  They are meant to be returned by the end of January.  As of yesterday the return rate by Deanery ranged from 83% down to only 18%.  Please could you get these back as soon as possible if you haven’t yet done so.  If the form has been mislaid you can download it here.

Next year we hope that online form filling will be possible.  The Diocesan Mission and Renewal Advisor Richard Jackson promised (more in hope than expectation) a case of wine to the first Deanery with a full set of returns.  How would love to be surprised!  If you are reading this not as an incumbent please do ask how the form filling is going.  You may even like to volunteer to fill it in yourself as all the data should be in the service book.   


Making the Word Heard

There are all kinds of events and activities in the diocese for the year celebrating the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible. For an up to date list  click here.


Back to Church Sunday

For information on registering for this vital enterprise for your parish contact Gordon Banks at Church House on 01273 425686 or email on gordon.banks@diochi.org.uk   Register NOW!


Ecclesiastical Insurance revises metal theft cover

Specialist church insurer Ecclesiastical has announced changes to its theft of external metal cover conditions. The insurer is taking the step due to continuing high levels of metal theft across the UK . According to the new policy conditions, applicable to all Anglican churches insured by Ecclesiastical, metal theft cover will no longer be available to churches that have not complied with its SmartWater policy condition. Churches can check their SmartWater registration status with Churches Purchasing Scheme (CPS) by ringing 0845 458 4584. The SmartWater policy condition changes will take effect from 1st July 2011. Customers will receive individual letters to inform them of the changes ahead of their next renewal.


Independent on Sunday’s fourth annual Happy List

Independent on Sunday’s fourth annual Happy List will honour Britons who give back, and contribute in some way to the happiness of others. Nominate someone and give a brief reason how the person has contributed to our happiness. Your nomination could be a midwife, comedian, business person who mentors youngsters on an estate, charity founder, artist – anyone whose motive is human happiness.  Email you nomination now to: D.Randall@independent.co.uk Deadline for nominations is 12th April - You can view a copy of last year's list at: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/people/news/the-iiosi-happy-list-2010--the-100-1953745.html


National Parish Magazine Awards for 2011

A 'free to enter' competition open to all village and parish magazines in the UK. Please email info@parishmagprinters.co.uk if you would like an entry form. They specialise in the printing of newsletters, parish magazines and programmes of all types, Visit our website at www.parishmagprinters.co.uk and use the online quoting service for a fast price and turn around time for your job.


Gift Aid donations

In April 2011, the three-year Transitional Relief ends, and parishes must take action as a result  parishes will need to claim separately for Gift Aided donations made up to 5th April, and those made on 6th April onwards.  More info: http://www.parishresources.org.uk/giftaid/2011actions.htm which also includes examples of how parishes should amend literature about Gift Aid. Karen Young, Finance Officer, Telephone 01273 425797 e-mail Karen.young@diochi.org.uk


The Budget proposal to relieve charities and community amateur sports clubs from the need to obtain gift aid declarations for small donations of £10 or less up to an annual maximum of £5,000. From April 2013 charities will no longer have to provide gift aid declarations for small donations of £10 - good news for churches.


Lent Resources

We have a selection of Lent resources on our website. To access click here.

Lent course in the East of Sussex
Sunday evenings: 8-9.15pm, April 3rd; 10th, All Saints, Crowborough. Dallington & Rotherfield Deaneries
Monday evenings: 8-9.15pm, April 4th; 11th, St Saviour & St Peter, Eastbourne. Eastbourne & Bexhill Deaneries
Tuesday evenings: 8-9.15pm, April 5th; 12th, Holy Cross, Uckfield. Uckfield & Lewes/Seaford Deaneries
Wednesday evenings: 8-9.15pm, April 6th; 13th at St Matthews, St Leonards-on-Sea. Hastings & Rye Deaneries
To download a flyer for your noticeboard please click here
A course for use in small groups in parishes -To Seek Christ

An ecumenical course – written by Chichester diocese, Guildford diocese and the RC diocese of Arundel and Brighton – is now ready.  It has six sessions with reflections on the Sunday lectionary readings, questions for discussion and reflection.  There is also an ecumenical story or reflection for each week.   Each week’s session will work on its own to help those groups who cannot meet for the full six weeks. 

The course booklet can be downloaded free of charge here .  If you would like printed copies of the booklet they are available from Jennie Davies at Church House on 01273 425686 or jennie.davies@diochi.org.uk .  £1.50 per booklet (including p & p)


Praying in Lent

The Church of England’s own resource, “Say one for me” (www.sayoneforme.org) goes live in Lent., 9th March. This was last year’s innovation. Over 800 (moderated) prayers where posted on the site, many posted by people on the fringes of the Church or outside it. People warmed to the idea that others would pray for their problems, concerns of family members. The site will be open for prayers again this year throughout Lent (9th March – 23rd April). Also why not make use of the Chichester Diocese Facebook page to post your prayer requests?


BEYOND makes a noise in the Lanes

Set in the lanes of Central Brighton, an exciting audio visual tour is available for six weeks in the build up to Easter. The unique meditative experience inspires an enlightening new perspective on various places throughout the City and creates artistic and spiritual connections with sound and vision in an innovative way. Using silent disco technology, the one hour route includes five points of visual interest at which location-specific audio is automatically played to a wireless headset reflecting on themes connected with Lent and Easter.

Headsets can be collected from reception at The Brighthelm Centre in North Road along with information about the route and a short meditation guide. The centre is open: Mon-Fri 9am - 5pm except Weds to 10pm, Sundays 10am-4pm

In addition, BEYOND will run special guided tours from Brighthelm on Sunday 17th April @ 7pm


Help make The Real Easter Egg a good news story

Morrison’s, Waitrose, Co-op and Booths are now stocking a limited ‘trial listing’ of the Real Easter Egg. Virtual Real Easter Egg hunter- With demand expected to outstrip supply Google Maps is providing the ‘Virtual Real Easter Egg hunter’ which allows people to hunt for an independent shop or church in their area where they can buy the Real Easter Egg. See  www.realeasteregg.co.uk . Chichester Cathedral is stocking them as is St Olav Trust Christian Bookshop in Chichester, which has the biggest independent shop order nationwide at present.


Overseas links news

2010 Harvest Appeal -  Bishop Mark thanked all involved in raising funds - the amount received in donations during 2010  was £17 000. Read all about Bishop Mark's recent visit to Cameroon in the May issue of Chichester Magazine.


CHRISTIAN AID WEEK 2011 (15th -21st MAY) - Help people in poverty out of poverty - Whether you are going door-to-door collecting, arranging an event in your local area, or simply want to donate online, we've got all the resources you need to make the week an outstanding success. Click NOW for more information www.caweek.org.uk  



Diocesan activities                                                                  Back to Top


 ‘Evangelicals? Now?’ the Chichester Diocesan Evangelical Fellowship Centenary Celebration service and keynote address is on Saturday 7 May, 10am-1pm in the newly re-built St. Andrew’s church in Furnace Green, in Crawley. There will be crèche and children’s activities arranged - please note the need to book children in for these events, in line with the diocesan child protection policy.   For more details please contact the Rev’d Sue Murray on 01293 533727, who will send you a booking form for children. The formal programme will end at 1pm, and there will be a delicious hog roast on a spit, with hot pork served in a roll, which we hope you will stay for: cost per head will be about £7.    


NEW Developing Discipleship courses - Contact wendy.greenan@diochi.org.uk to book your place

Children in the Midst 

Engaging with a child’s view of God, faith and the world. A diocesan event exploring children in the bible, history, the family and society at large. How do we value children in our church communities? 29th March, 3rd May, 24th May, 28th June, St Peter’s Church , High Salvington, Worthing, led by: Deacon Beverley Miles. 7.30pm. £12.00. 15 points.

Although it has started you can still register for the remaining sessions.

The Quiet Garden Movement 

Find out about the Quiet Garden movement through exploring its theological ‘roots’ plus ideas for personal experience and reflection between the sessions. 28th April, 23rd June. Sandwich Course at St Mary’s Church Rooms, West Chiltington, led by: The Revd Tessa Holland, 7.30 pm. £10.00. 30 points.  Please apply by: 11 April 2011

The Light of Creation

A new, inter-active, practical course using photography to explore themes of light and creation in the Bible.  10th May  Diocesan Church House, Hove, led by: Dr Melvyn Walmsley, professional photographer, 7.00 pm.  5 Sessions. £12.00. 15 points Only 7 places available. Please apply by:  2 May 2011



Friday 8th April 2011, at St Peters, Brighton, 7.30pm – 9.30pm aimed at young people (Secondary school age) and their Church Leaders, youth leaders . . .  postponed at start of December.

Please can you let me know – with accurate numbers IF you are coming, and how many of you there will be . . . by 31st March 2011. Ali Campbell, Adviser for work with children and young people, ali.campbell@diochi.org.uk   01273 425694 www.yesonthenet.org.uk     Mob - 07818 574693


May Camp . . . it is going to be EPIC!

Looking at: The incredible speech of God Genesis (chapter 1 verse 3), this same God, who “commanded light to shine out of darkness . . . has shined in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God . . . in the face of Jesus Christ – who is the word of God (2 Corinthians 4:6) This amazing God, who is mighty to save . . . who, in Zephaniah the Bible tells us – bursts into song, He will “rejoice over us with singing” (Zephaniah 3 verse 17) . . . truly EPIC!"

We will also have workshops, seminars, sports activities and an evening entertainment programme. Seriously good value – and all for just £40! Youth groups sort their own food, tents and transport - we do the rest! If you have never brought a group and would like a visit from a group that has been before ...to tell you all about it (or if you just want more information about what we have planned) – let us know at yes@diochi.org.uk


YES and St Bartz // Take Them Away!

Thursday 11th May 2011 (7.30pm – 9.30pm, St Bartz)

I am running a training evening at St Bartz for those who would love to take their youth group away . . . but have not yet done so!  Residentials are great for building group identity, making lifelong friends, doing new things, having loads of fun, spending longer together with worship and teaching . . . the list goes on.

There is a lot to think about if you are going to pull off a successful weekend away or retreat with your youth group.  This evening session will give you the tools you need, help you think through the practical steps, how to get young people to commit to coming etc! Just visit the link– and book yourself in. http://takethemaway.eventbrite.com/


An Introduction to Messy Church, Thursday 2 June 7:00 – 8:15pm

At St George’s Parish Church Hall Donnington nr. Chichester - Led by Irene Smale (Diocesan Children’s Work Officer for Chichester)

with special guest speaker Sharon Lakin (Messy Church Co-ordinator for Sussex)

For those just exploring Messy Church or who are already up and running this will be helpful for you. Messy Church is a special time when families come together to enjoy being together, making things together, eating together and celebrating God together through his word, through music and through prayer. It is an exciting event for children and their carer / parent to be together, trying new things, being creative, helping each other and having fun. For further details please contact: Irene Smale (Diocesan Children’s Work Officer) Mob: 07980 617584 or Email: irene.smale@diochi.org.uk


Healing From Inside Out

Diocesan day resourcing healing ministry in Brighton & Hove, St John the Baptist Church, Palmeira Square, Western Road, Hove, Saturday 21st May 2011, 10:00am - 4:00pm.  Drinks available – bring your own lunch. Speaker: Jennifer Rees-Larcombe (Beauty From Ashes). Bookings through Jennie Davies, 01273 425686 or email jennie.davies@diochi.org.uk   Cost: £6 per person (cheques made out to Chichester DBF)


South of England show

South of England show takes place June 9th - 10th and 11th Each year we are grateful for all the help we get with the operation of the lost people station - a small annex off the main Churches Together tent. It is a very crucial role supporting and caring for any visitors to the showground that have either become separated from family or a school or other group and have been brought to the lost people station by a showground official, a police officer or member of the public. We need volunteers again this year. You will need to be recently CRB checked and you will be required to complete one or two forms on site. If you are interested in helping please contact Lisa Williamson on 01273 425691 or lisa.williamson@diochi.org.uk

Why not get up a church outing to come and join in the fun!


The Games are coming!

More than Gold is the organisation that is coordinating Church involvement with the Olympics and Paralympics. Your church should be looking for ways to be involved and have your representative register your church. We also want to know if you are, or know anyone who is or was an Olympic or nationally known sportsman or woman living in Sussex.

‘On Your Marks' tour  - for more information and to reserve places visit morethangold.org.uk/onyourmarks  Contact Gordon Banks at Church House on 01273 425686 or email on gordon.banks@diochi.org.uk  


2012 Games Pastors Wanted

Christian Nightlife Initiatives is working in partnership on the More Than Gold initiative to support the Olympics next year; as part of the plans the call is out to look for approximately 1,000 Games Pastors (looking from the various Street Angels and Pastors as a start!). Would you and members of your project be able to support making this happen? Games Pastors based in London will be offered overnight accommodation for their shifts. Volunteers will be needed to work a number of shifts throughout the competition. There are also opportunities to be Games Pastors at other Olympic venues throughout the UK. Please let me (adam@cninetwork.org.uk) have the names of anyone you know who might be interested in taking part in this exciting opportunity in 2012! There is no commitment at this stage!


Encouraging Rural Ministry

Exploring the key challenges and opportunities with lay and ordained ministry in the countryside today Church and Countryside Conference 2011, Thursday 12th May, 10 am to 4 pm, at the Sussex Rural Business Centre, Plumpton College. BN7 3AE, (Cost £5.00 per person, bring your own lunch). For more information or to book a place, please contact Helen Swyer at Church House, Hove, telephone: 01273 425692, e-mail helen.swyer@diochi.org.uk


Online Directory

The Diocese is not producing a printed version at present, but the Directory is now available online to officers of the church. Click on the button on the Home page to register. You have access to all the database through the search facility. Access to churches’ details is also available through the “A Church Near You” website, www.acny.comprovided every church is registered and information kept up to date.


Are you up to date?

People often assume we know about changes to telephone numbers and emails automatically. We don’t! If your details are out of date or we don’t have your email address then please tell us. We also would like to include details of Parish Magazine editors. Please send your up to date details, including your name, the parish and the magazine you edit, together with any other contact details you are happy for us to hold and e-mail them to marnie.greer@diochi.org.uk


Come and help Family Support Work

Join the Easter Monday Annual Sponsored Walk - 25th April 9.30/10.00am  start at and return to Alfriston Village Green, tea stop at Wilmington.

Further details: tel FSW on 01273 425699 or see our website http://www.familysupportwork.org.uk for sponsor forms and info. If you can't be with us, sponsor someone who can.


The annual Ride & Stride event

This takes place on the second Saturday in September each year, and so this year it is 10 September. Sign up your church to participate and encourage members to take part. See www.rideandstride.info for more information.



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Two Christian organisations launched a new initiative to help churches take advantage of the new visual age.  Church Media Services aims to provide professional, integrated and fully supported installations of sound and projection equipment, helping churches to introduce high quality sound and visual elements into local worship and events.  You can get an online quote for a new installation at the website, www.churchmediaservices.com


St Patrick’s breastplate – a challenge to deeper prayer

These are certainly difficult days for the whole world. How should we be praying in these circumstances? St Patrick’s  Breastplate, that powerful old Irish hymn offers a glimpse of the depths of prayer and intercession to which we will have to go, if we are going to stem the tide. It’s a deep and difficult challenge, but we have reached the time where nothing else will do haven’t we?  Jim Smith, author of “The lamps - a challenge to intercession” has been exploring the breastplate and its challenge.

Read or download, free and  fully expanded at the LAMPS- St Patrick’s breastplate page of www.visionworld27.org


Churches Together in Sussex

..is a network of Christian Denominations, organisations and over 50 local groups which proclaim Church unity as one of their priorities.  Across Sussex over 100,000 men, women and children attend 1000 churches every Sunday, and many also work within their local communities to enrich the lives of those who live, work and visit : www.churchestogether.org/sussex

Your church in the news

Find out how you can get your church profiled in the news. Churches  have a massive opportunity to use local newspapers, radio and social media to promote their work. Click here for a link to a useful resource


The Church Times: a new archive

The Church Times has launched a new, enhanced database of the newspaper. In partnership with UKPressOnline, the complete 21st-century archive is now available to download, every page fully searchable. For further information about the archive and subscription, go to [http://www.ukpressonline.co.uk/ukpressonline/?sf=ct] or contact Nicola Prince at marketing@churchtimes.co.uk. For all enquiries regarding sponsorship please contact Dominic Vaughan CEO at Hymns Ancient & Modern Ltd by email archive@hymnsam.co.uk or call 020 7776 7542


Just Walk 2011: The charity walk with a difference where you choose the distance – and the charity!
Charity supporters from across Sussex will be pulling on their walking boots this May to raise tens of thousands of pounds at one of the UK’s most popular fundraising walking events, at Goodwood racecourse near Chichester. Just Walk is a charity walk with a difference, with walkers able to choose one of four distances (10, 20, 40 or 60km) to raise money for the charity of their choice. Just Walk takes place on Saturday 7th May at Goodwood Racecourse. All four walks leave the racecourse with those walking 40km and 60km leaving at 8am and those on the 10km and 20km walks setting off a couple of hours later. Those undertaking the shorter walks return in early afternoon with the final walkers on the 60km walks not returning until around midnight. Adult registration for the walk costs from £25 for the 10km walk to £70 for the 60km walk including hot drinks, food for those on longer walks and a T-shirt for all those who complete the walk. Registration is quick and easy online via www.just-walk.co.uk with walkers choosing the length of walk they want to undertake. Once registered they are free to start raising sponsorship for the charity of their choice.

News from the Royal School of Church Music


The Royal School of Church Music (RSCM) is offering organ scholarships to two young organists at the 2011 Summer Course for Young People at Bath. The two scholarships will be awarded to young organists aged between 16 and 21.  Applicants should be Grade 8 standard or thereabouts.  Full details of the course and scholarships can found on the RSCM website www.rscm.com/courses  or by calling 01722 424843.  The course runs at Kingswood School, Bath, from 15th to 21st August 2011 and the closing date for scholarship applications is Friday 15th April 2011.



Aspiring church music composers are asked to set three verses of a new text from Bishop Timothy which begins “How shall we sing salvation’s song”.  

This year marks the 150th anniversary of the publication of the first Hymns Ancient and Modern.  Information about how to enter, including Bishop Timothy’s complete text, is available on the RSCM website at www.rscm.com/haroldsmart. The closing date is 1st October 2011, and the competition will be adjudicated by a panel which includes the hymn composer John Barnard. The winner will receive a prize of £500; their hymn may also be showcased in a special service in London to mark the 150th anniversary celebrations of Hymns Ancient and Modern.


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Bible by the Beach  29 April – 2 May 2011

With a reputation for faithful and lively Bible teaching and worship, Bible by the Beach is delighted to announce another great event in 2011, with the theme of  'Resurrection People.' Come and join us in Eastbourne for a spiritually uplifting weekend.  See www.biblebythebeach.org  for more information and booking details, or telephone: 07590 047061.


Service of Healing

St. Luke’s, Prestonville, on Sunday April 3rd at 6.30pm. Are you unwell in your body, struggling in your mind and with your emotions or spiritually depressed? The good news is that Jesus can help. He wants you to feel His love to make you whole in body, mind and spirit.  Come into His presence and be healed. If you and/or your friends and neighbours need the healing touch of Jesus then come and receive healing prayer at a Service of Healing led by Rev. John Ryeland  of the Christian Healing Centre [ www.healingmission.org ]


General Synod extra

A little known item debated at the recent General Synod was the idea that was floated that any parish failing to meet its parish contribution should be fined in some way. The possible means could be an enforced sale of assets in order to make up any shortfall. The item has been referred to a steering committee. If you have any views on this then please email communications@diochi.org.uk with the subject heading “1st April ebulletin”.


Big Church Day Out

Wiston House, West Sussex, May 28th & 29thwww.bigchurchdayout.com


6:19 Trust Annual Day Conference:  "A Call to Arms" Saturday 25th June

A day to encourage and equip every church member to become a confident disciple, and so take the Good News of Jesus into the community.  Speakers this year are Revd Simon Allaby, Director of the 6:19 Trust, and Paul Bennison, an international missionary.  All are welcome and the conference is free.  Full details are on our website www.sixnineteen.co.uk where you can also book in online.



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Blessing of Oils

The annual service for the blessing of special oils and act of ministerial recommitment is this year taking place at the Cathedral. It will be a special service taking place in the mother church of our Diocese. Come to the Cathedral on Tuesday 19th April for the 10.30am service.


For further information on any of the events or activities at the Cathedral please contact 01243 812485 or visit the Cathedral website at www.chichestercathedral.org.uk




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Simon Hill                  Incumbent Copthorne

Neil Chatfield            Incumbent Eastbourne, Christ Church - Resigned

Lionel Whatley          Incumbent Worthing, Holy Trinity with Christ Church to be P-in-C:  Highbrook & West Hoathly 


We also remember a number of people in our prayers, among them at this time two former Diocesan Communication Officers - the Rev Canon Will Pratt undergoing treatment for cancer and the Rev David Guest having another operation on both his knees.


NB If you are aware of someone who contributed something notable to the Diocese do please let us know.




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Friendly organist available

Brighton area – 07977 145589


Experienced organist - New to the area,

is looking for an organist/director of music post in the eastern part of E Sussex in which he can play on a regular/permanent basis. Roger Marvin, based in New Romney, is familiar with all types of liturgy, and able to lead/accompany choirs at all levels. Whilst his search for a post continues, Roger is available to play for services of all types throughout the week as well as Sundays. Contact Roger direct at madrm@btinternet.com or on 01797 363 578.


Stop Press – Youth Work Vacancy // All Saints, Eastbourne

Applications by 21st April / Interviews from 1st May. This is a great job, great church; do pass this on if you know of anyone who is currently looking for a post. Details here.

If you are receiving this email, and YOU have a vacancy you would like me to advertise – please drop me an email! Ali Campbell, Adviser for work with children and young people - ali.campbell@diochi.org.uk   01273 425694 - www.yesonthenet.org.uk - 07818 574693


YES // Children’s and Youth Worker Wanted!

Immanuel Church, based at Graylingwell Chapel (Chichester) are looking for someone to join their team as a full time youth and children’s worker – for more information and (or) to apply – deadline is 2nd April 2011 – follow the link below: http://www.graylingwellchapel.com/childrenandyouth.htm


For sale - six ladies' Oxford blue choir gowns, each with white collar and `bib'. Good condition. £10 each. Details from Sue Hempstead on 01403 711871 or normanhgsl@aol.com.


Villa for rent

Menorca - a 3 double bedroom Villa with terraces and pool. More details available  by phone or E.Mail. prices - October £500  per week, May £600  per week, June/September £700  per week, July/August £800 per week. Tel: 07787886514 or email annedthorne@tiscali.co.uk.


Pilgrimage to Greece in the steps of St. Paul

…including Philippi, Thessalonica, the Meteora monasteries, Delphi, Athens & Corinth with a cruise to the Greek islands of Myconos, Patmos & Rhodes and Ephesus in Turkey. Canon Richard Orchard (Derby Diocese 1965-2006, now retired in Rye) will be leading this, together with the Revd Clive Thrower of Bakewell, from 24th September to 3rd October. The organisers are ITS Pilgrimages of Manchester. The cost is £1350. Brochures and booking forms are available from Richard at 7 Love Lane, Rye, TN31 7NE, tel. 01797 225916, email richardorchard41@yahoo.co.uk


Easter Publicity material

Easter folders for overprinting, 3 designs, packs of 50 for £4.95 visit www.biblelands.org.uk/cards_and_gifts/folders 

Easter cards, 4 designs, packs of 5 cards same design, £1.99 visit www.biblelands.org.uk/cards_and_gifts/Calendars_Stationery_Easter.htm or phone 01227 811646

All profit supports BibleLands work in Israel, Palestine, Lebanon and Egypt.


Retreats and Quiet days at Penhurst Retreat Centre, Penhurst, Battle, East Sussex, TN33 9QP

For further information or to book a place on any of these Retreats/Quiet Days please email or phone the Centre or visit the website

Richard and Storm Hann: email: info@penhurst.org.uk  tel: 01424 892088,  www.penhurst.org.uk


Farm Crisis Network

FCN is looking for a new Chief Executive. Also the Sussex FCN Group is looking for a new Coordinator, to replace John Fowler in October 2011 - it is a Voluntary Job. For details, Tel: 01788 510866, Fax: 01788 511026, e-mail mail@fcn.org.uk  Or go to www.fcn.org.uk  ( FCN Helpline: 0845 367 9990 (7am - 11pm every day)) Alternatively in Sussex e-mail jsfowler@talktalk.net


The Ark is for Sale
The Ark is an independent Christian Café and Bookshop in Lymington, a busy seaside market town on the south coast in Hampshire. The owner, who would like to retire, is looking for someone to carry on and develop this important ministry serving the community, visitors to the town, local churches and schools. For more information and sale details, please see our website www.arkbookshop.co.uk


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World Mission Weekend - 9th and 10th April at Bishop Hannington church.

Mission Exhibition, Seminar, Activities for Children, International Meal, Sunday Services. GUEST SPEAKER: George Verwer – OM.

Have you ever wondered what a missionary actually does? How did they end up doing what they do? And what is our role as supporting church members? Are missionaries actually needed anymore? To hear the answers to these and other questions come along. For more details and to book tickets call (01273) 732965 or Email - worldmission@bhmc.org.uk

or visit - www.bhmc.org.uk/worldmission


Retreats and Quiet days at Penhurst Retreat Centre, Penhurst, Battle, East Sussex, TN33 9QP

Sat 2 April , 10am-4pm  Quiet Day -  GOD'S CREATION AND OUR PLACE IN IT – SPRING  Led by Jay Ashworth. 

Mon 30 May, 4pm - Thu 2 June, 2pm  Midweek retreat  -  WALK IN THE SPIRIT - WHO IS THE HOLY SPIRIT AND HOW CAN WE CO-OPERATE WITH HIM? Led by Mike Hensman.  Consider the person and work of the Holy Spirit in scripture and for us today.

UNDERSTANDING THE EFFECTS OF LIFE AND DEEP HURT ON SPIRITUALITY - Spiritual Direction/ Accompaniment Day Tuesday 24th May, 10am- 4pm. Suggested donation £10, bring your own lunch. A training and networking day run by Janice Yonge and Sue Armstead, where there will be time to relax over coffee and lunch and tea. It is suitable for anyone who accompanies other people in their spiritual journey or pastoral carers, or those who just want to know about these issues personally. For further information visit the website www.penhurst.org.uk Richard and Storm Hann: email: info@penhurst.org.uk  tel: 01424 892088  


Lewes Passion Play

A showing of the 2010 Lewes Passion Play DVD is happening on April 16th and there’s a trip to see the Southampton Passion Play on April 22nd. A coach is being booked and it is hoped that  you and perhaps your friends and family would like to make up a party to share in the experience together. The cost will be £20 per person which covers the coach cost - there is no fee for the play. Please contact us by e mail towardslewes2015@gmail.com or on 01273 475438.


Planning a Wedding? Why not a Church Wedding?

Beautiful, Spiritual & Affordable. Come to our Wedding Fayre - St Peter’s Church, Henfield Saturday 30th April, 11am – 4pm. Meet the local clergy and others who want to help you on your special day. Light refreshments available in the church. For more information contact Katrina, Wedding Fayre Coordinator: office@stpetershenfield.co.uk Tel: 01273 495532


Bognor Regis Concert Band Concert

St Wilfrid’s Church, Bognor Regis, Sunday 22nd May 3pm. Proceeds for the work of Anglican Mission Agencies – CMS, USPG, Anglicans in World Mission. Tickets £7. Further information telephone 01243 863932.


Fotothon Photography Competition

Fotothon is essentially a photography treasure hunt – competitors will be given a series of clues from which they have to create images for submission with the chance of winning valuable prizes. Winning images will be displayed in an online gallery and included in a printed full colour calendar. Fotothon takes place in Brighton on Saturday 11th June 2011, starting at 12 noon and finishing at 5:00 PM with an optional extension until midnight. Entry fees for pre-booking are £18.00 per person or £12.00 for concessions and may be booked via the the Fotothon website www.fotothon.co.uk. A proportion of each entry fee will be donated to the Brighthelm Centre to help with the work they do for the needy and homeless of Brighton.


Wedding Photography Workshops

Anticipated dates - Tuesday 31st May – 1st June & Tuesday 5th July – 6th July.

The principle aim of these workshops is to raise the standard of wedding photography in a market where just about anyone with a digital SLR camera is classed as a photographer. There will be a number of expert speakers including a session about marriage, the ceremony and conduct expected on the part of photographers. The venue is Buxted Park Hotel and the church in the grounds. Contact me, Ian Pack - ianpack@packshots.biz,  Mobile: +44 (0) 7710 814 665, Web: www.packshots.biz


Flowers at Boxgrove

8th – 10th July – 10.00am-6.00pm (Sunday 12 noon to 6.00pm) - £6 entry by programme (Concessions £5).  Preview evening 7 July – 6.00pm - £15 to include champagne and canapés – contact Mrs Jean Collyer for details – 01243 773661


Family Support Work Off Road Bike Ride

FSW are encouraging all the adventurous among you to participate in our sponsored OFF ROAD bike ride on SUNDAY 24TH JULY.  The riders will have the option to complete a 10 mile ride or a 28 mile ride starting from Knowles Tooth in Hurstpierpoint to raise funds for FSW.  More information and forms  can be obtained from Leigh on 01273 832363 and will be posted on the website soon.


Stonepillow ‘Celebrating Local’ updates.

Stonepillow offers shelter, information and support to empower homeless and vulnerable individuals to make positive changes in their lives. The first two nights of our ‘Celebrating Local’ fundraisers have been a great success. ‘Celebrating Local’ is an ongoing event, held every month, at Woodies Wine Bar, Chichester, with a performers evening on the last Saturday of each month and an art’s evening on the first Thursday of each month (subject to the artist’s exhibition) please visit our website for further news, stories and upcoming events, www.stonepillow.org.uk . Our next newsletter is in progress and will be available beginning of April, please contact us on admin@stonepillow.org.uk, if you would like to receive a copy.


Pyecombe Flower Festival

Theme “Nursery Rhymes”:

Saturday 9th July 10am until 7pm, Sunday 10th July 10am until 5pm, followed by Songs of Praise at 6pm. Refreshments available all welcome. Further details 01273 844036


St Wulfran’s, Ovingdean – a village romp!

St Wulfran’s is putting on two open air performances of the comedy, ‘Ovingdean Grange – a village romp’ on July 9th and 10th. The play has been written by, directed and stars, amongst other talented amateur actors, members of the congregation and promises to be an entertaining evening. Full details are available on the website, with tickets going on sale in May. www.stwulfrans.org.uk


All Saints' Plant Sale has been a highlight of the spring Calendar in Herstmonceux for many years. This year, we're expanding it to include a simultaneous Food Fair, a local food and produce sale within the Village Hall complex. We'll be promoting local tasty products, and the benefits of buying locally while giving everyone an enjoyable morning. The event will take place on Saturday 7 May 2011 from 10 - 12 noon.


The Glory of the Garden-a celebration of Kipling in Flowers

 2011 marks the 75th Anniversary of the death of Rudyard Kipling and here at St. Bartholomew’s, Burwash - Kipling’s local church - we are celebrating his life and works with a very special flower festival. 30th April—4th May 2011, 10am-5pm with a range of special events and homemade refreshments. Whilst you are in Burwash, why not visit Kipling's home, Batemans, as well ?  We'll give you full directions from the Church if you don't know the way ! More details from Charles Merchant 01435 882360  email: merchants@oakside.org.uk


SPONSORED WALK - Friends of the Wildbrooks Chuches - Saturday May 28th
Choice of two routes (1 and a half miles and 6 miles),  both startiing from Rackham Old School and including woodland, riverside paths and paths through Parham Park. Starting time between 10.30 a.m. and noon. Light lunches available between noon and 3 p.m. Sponsorship forms from Guy Leonard's estate offices in Pulborough and Storrington, the churchwardens of all four churches, Amberley New Vicarage and Amberley Village Stores, or from John Davison, Flikkers, 14 Rackham Street, Pullborough RH 20 2EX, 01903 74 2825  

Monday  23rd May, 7pm, St. John the Evangelist Church, Newtimber, BN6 9BT

This is a special opportunity to hear a professional Russian male voice choir sing sacred and folk music. They are visiting England for a month from St. Petersburg.  Our 13th century church is set in lovely countryside just north of the South Downs. Parking is in an adjacent field. Ticket for £15 includes light refreshments. Contact: shirleymurrell@btinternet.com or telephone 01273 857353.


Church of St. Michael the Archangel LITLINGTON FLOWER FESTIVAL June 2011

“Cuckmere Country Life” Friday 17th - Sunday 19th 10.00 – 5.30, Monday 20th 10.00 – 4.30. Lunches & teas, free parking; stalls - produce, plants, books, bric-a-brac, etc. Festival Service on Sunday at 5.30pm


Chichester Festival Theatre

Caryl Churchill’s Top Girls is a co-production with Out of Joint and is at Minerva Theatre, Chichester, from 23 June – 16 July, 7.45pm - matinees 2.30pm. Tickets: £28.50 Book online at www.cft.org.uk or call the Box Office on 01243 781312.


St John’s Flower Festival Meads, Eastbourne

A Walk through the New Testament. Church open for viewing morning and afternoon Friday 10 June - Sunday 12 June 2011. Saturday Afternoon Summer Fete. Everyone welcome. Fun for all ages. Stalls and sideshows. St John the Evangelist, St Johns Road, Eastbourne BN20 7NJ Website: www.stjm.org.uk , 01323 738671, email: office@stjm.org.uk


Major new exhibition at the British Museum.

Treasures of Heaven: saints, relics and devotion in medieval Europe will take as is focus Christian relics and reliquaries of the medieval age, and will feature some of the finest sacred treasures of the period. The exhibition will be open from 23 June – 9 October 2011 www.britishmuseum.org


St Leonard’s Church, Church Street, Seaford Lunchtime Concerts, February-November 2011

Saturday 9th April at 1.00pm - Practicall Musicke, Period Instruments; Saturday 14th May at 1.00pm - Lucy Williams, Mezzo Soprano, Sebastian Grand Piano; Saturday 25th June at 1.00pm  - Brighton Chamber Ensemble, String and Woodwind; Saturday 30th July at 1.00pm - Meantime Music, Early Music Ensemble; Saturday 13th August at 1.00pm - Richard Bowen, Guitar; Saturday 24th September at 1.00pm - Michael Maine,  Organ; Saturday 8th October at 1.00pm - Galliard Trio, Flute, Oboe, Bassoon; Saturday 5th November at 1.00pm - Catch as Catch Can, Renaissance Flute Consort; Saturday 19th November at 1.00pm - Concert for Saint Cecilia’s Day, Buxted Symphony Orchestra. Our Lunchtime Concerts remain free  and self supporting from donations given by our generous audience, to whom we are deeply grateful.





If anyone has anything they would like included in future e-bulletins then please contact us, Lisa Williamson or David Farey on communications@diochi.org.uk The next edition is planned for mid April. Send us your contributions by 8th April.



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