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South Tower

The South Tower, we pass in front of the chancel arch and over a floor slabto:
  • Anthony Crompton, gent., d. 21 May 1681; Richard Crompton, gent., d. 3 Nov. 1740, aged 66; Joan, wife of Richard Crompton, d. 18 Feb. 1781, aged 93.
The tower is entered by a modern arch of two orders which replaces a brick arch, removed in 1863. In the west wall is a blocked doorway; near it is a brass plate inscribed: Gulielmus Westbrooke hoc fecit Anno Domi 1671. Also on this wall are memorials:
  • Oval stone tablet toMary, wife of Charles Owen Cambridge married in this church, 26 July 1787 and d. 14 Feb 1788.
  • Stone tablet
    to the 
    nine men of this parish who were killed in the 1939- 1945 war [see list here].
The window in the south wall of the tower is in memory of Edward Pigott Cooper Johnson (1853-1875); below is a fine, modern altar of polished stone carved with a pelican in her piety - a sacred character typifying maternal
solicitude. In the east wall is a recess accommodating a 14 th century tomb displaced from the north wall of the chancel when the organ chamber was built. This tomb has dwarf shafts carved with foliage, and a moulded segmental arch with four openwork cusps, now broken, defaced figures at the extremities and slender pinnacles above them; the tomb is finished with a straight-sided pediment with foliaged crockets and finial. When it was in the chancel, this tomb probably served as an Easter Sepulchre, but it now shelters an early coffin slab with hollow mouldings which was found in the chancel floor and was in the churchyard for some years before being placed in its present position.
There are four floor slabs in the tower:
  • To a member of the Heberden family, but now illegible.
  • John Heberden, d. [?] 4 Jan. 1735, aged 54.
  • Ann, wife of Thomas Booker of Steep, daughter of John Heberden, d. [?]  2 May 1765.
  • In remembrance of Jean Margaret "Peggy" Coltart, 14 Jan 1910 - 7 March 1979, a true friend of everyone in this Parish. From the many memorial gifts the work of repair to this chapel was completed.