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North Aisle

The North Aisle has a west wall of 13th century date with an original lancet window; the remainder of this part of the church and choir vestry dates from the 19thcentury. The following identifiable floor slabs are in the aisle:-
1.  With incised skull at  the top, to Nicholas Mant, sen., d. 25 Dec. 1716, aged 64, and his wife Ann, d. 26 Feb. 1731, aged 82.
2.  Ann, wife of William Mant, d. 19 Nov. 1722, aged 27; her unnamed son [William], d. 17 [buried 22] Nov. 1722, in his infancy; William Mant, d. May 1730, aged 49.
3.  Thomas Hebberden, infant son of Thomas and [illegible], d. 4 Aug. 1720, aged 1 year 3 months.
4.  Thomas Hamman, d. 23 April 1689; William Hamman, d. 16 April 1733, aged 17; and another, illegible.
5. William, son of William and Frances Mant, who d. [1727] in his infancy.
6.  Nicholas, son of William Mant, d. 12 March 1719.
7.  QuNicholas Mant [buried 27 Dec. 1716].
8.  Ann, wife of John Heberden  [buried 11Oct.] 1756.
9.  A slab carved with an elaborate foliated cross.
10.  A slab of Sussex marble, carved with a less elaborate cross than that on no. 9, but with a marginal inscription in Lombardic characters: Priez qi passez par ici pvr l'alme Lvci de Mildebi.
11.  Mary, wife of Thomas Compton, d. 20 May 1711, aged 28.
The east window in the north aisle is filled with glass in the memory of Mary Norman Paxton; in the same wall is inserted a small hollow-moulded corbel.