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Wills are a particular valuable source of information for church history. The memorials of the Compton family are mentioned above and a John Compton, who made his will in January 1544/5 desired to be buried in East Lavant church and he left, among other bequests, 12d to the high alter there. Other testators, from 1391 onward, left sums to the high altar and for the maintenance of lights before the altars or statues of Our Lady, St. Katherine and St. Nicholas, and to the light before the Rood.  In 1547/8, Richard Cooper left 4d 'to ye Belles'; others left money, sheep or wheat to pay for masses or for the benefit of the poor.  A brotherhood in East Lavant maintained a light in the church; testators between 1391 and 1554 left money towards the fabric, e.g. the west door, the north aisle, or general repairs.  In 1539, John Standen bequeathed 12d 'to the  mendyng of the brige in Estlavent' and 3s 'to the reparacion of the Lavent streme'. The brotherhood mentioned above was that of the Holy Rood whose assets, when the revenues of chantries were seized in 1547, totalled 55s 10d of which sum 20d was the rent of 3 a land called Westlauant Crofte.