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The Chancel was entirely rebuilt in the 19th century (before 1815); an organ chamber was subsequently added in the north side and a clergy vestry in the angle formed by the chancel and the tower on the south. Only the core of the chancel arch retains any 12th century work. The chancel is devoid of architectural interest or fittings except the misericords (see below for further information) and the following memorials:
  • North side, stone tablet 
    Selwyn Leighton Buckwell , rector of East and  Mid Lavant, 1925-1960, prebendary of Sidlesham in Chichester cathedral,  1945-1960, Canon Emeritus, 1960-1968; d. 1 Jan. 1968.
  • Window,
    by Powell of London, memory of Elizabeth , wife of Richard Combe Miller, of The Grange, Chichester; she was born 20 June1838  and d. 22 October 1901.
  • Alabaster memorial, enclosing a brass plate, to Jane Henshawe, wife of Joseph Henshawe, D.D., Canon Residentiary of Chichester cathedral, rector of East Lavant, Dean of Chichester and Windsor, and finally Bishop of Peterborough. Jane, the daughter of John and Elizabeth Maye, d. 3 February 1639, 'not in her thirtieth year'. Her husband d. 9 March 1678/9, in London, aged 76, and was buried beside his wife. At the top of the monument are the arms, Quarterly, 1 and 4, Argent, a chevron between three heronshaws [or mallards depending on the precise representations of the birds] sable, legged gules (for Henshawe ); 2 and 3, Argent, a cross between four fleurs- de-lys sable (for Wistow); the crest is missing. At the base of the memorial are the arms of Henshawe impaling May(e), Gules, a fess between eight billets or.
  • Black and white marble tablet to Honor Anne, daughter of the Rev. Henry Legge and Elizabeth Louisa his wife, born 13 August 1832, d. 6 June  1837.
  • In the floor: smallstones inscribed E[lizabeth] L[ouise] L[egge] and  H[onor] a[nne] L[egge].
  • The east window  
    (modern, replacing one of three lancets under a common arch) is filled with glass, in memory of Elizabeth Louisa Legge, given by her husband and sons in 1877.
  • Under the altaris a floor slab, much worn, having at the head an incised shield of arms, Quarterly, 1 and 4 [Gules] a chevron vairy [sable and argent] between three mullets [of the last], for Stockton; 2 and 3 [Argent] a chevron [ermines] cotised [sable] between three annulets [gules], for Clutton. The Latin inscription on the slab is to Owen (Eugenius) Stockton, rector of East Lavant, 1612-1635, Prebend of Eartham, 1614-1615, and of Sutton, 1615-1634, and Canon Residentiary of Chichester cathedral. He d. 17 Oct 1635, aged 58. He claimed descent from the Stocktons of Stockton in Cheshire. The original inscription is partially obscured by a copy of it on a substantialbrass  plate.
  • South side.  Stone tablet to Elizabeth Crooke, d. 22 Dec. 1736, aged 27.
  • Stone tablet to Mary, daughter of the Rev. Thomas Heath and Elizabeth his wife; she was received into Christ's church, 8 Sept.1762, " And we trust into his Kingdom The day following Having continued here but one Month".
  • A window, said to be by Kempe, depicting the story of Gehazi, in memory of Richard Gaisford, the elder of twin sons, born 21March 1870; d. 4 April1881.
  • Stone tablet to Colin Pryor, chorister and server, who died as a result of an accident, 26 July 1949, aged 14.
On the north side of the chancel is a range of misericords, carved (reading from  west to east) as follows:
  • A man wearing a cap; on the left-hand side a double-tailed frog or lizard;  on the right, a conventional leaf.
  • mitred headbetween two Tudor-style roses.
  • Conventional stiff-leaffoliage branching from a common stem.
  • A man wearing a round cap; on either side a shield charged with a cross.
  • A man wearing a flat bonnet; on either side, a Tudor-style rose.
Four of the elbow-rests between the stalls are carved with human faces and two with conventional foliage. All this woodwork is of 15 th century date.

The Organ

The organ is a fine instrument by William Hill & Son, of London, 1895 – it was restored in 2006 at a cost £29,601; the priest's desk is a memorial to Llewellyn Paxton, son of Col. Llewellyn and Mary N Paxton, who was killed in action at Thaba' Nchu, South Africa, 16 Nov. 1900, aged 19.
There are no old fittings in the church; the roofs are all of 19 th century date.