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Sunday 30 September 2012 [5.3Mb] In the Old Testament the Spirit comes at a particular place, at a particular time to a particular person for a particular purpose, but we are lucky that we have the possibility to have God at our side all the time - we can receive the love of God. Can you take hold of the opportunity given to you by Christ on the cross?
Sunday 23 September 2012 [4.9Mb]
"Anyone who welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me. And anyone who welcomes me doesn't welcome only me but also the One who sent me" Mark 9 V37. Can you be childlike - accepting God; can you retain those childlike qualities of open-ness and simplicity. As you grow don't suppress the inner child; take time for fun, inquisitiveness, wonder and the time to look and search.
Sunday 26 August 2012 [5.9Mb]
Which will you choose to serve - God or Mamon. Will you follow the teaching of Joshua [from a physical perspective] and the spiritual teaching of Jesus? By choosing you have to think and take a positive and deliberate course.
Sunday 12 August 2012 [7.2Mb]
Who are we? are we complete? How much Logos can we absorb from Christ and how much have we got? Do we have love for God, love for our family, friends and our enemies?
Sunday 29 July 2012 [8.8Mb]
Jesus is the bread of life; can you pick up the signs or Logos, can you rise above the material kingdom to appreciate the spiritual? But this is not enough we need to be like Jacob and wrestle with God and become Israel!
Sunday 8 April 2012 [5.5Mb] On Easter Sunday the stone was rolled away from Jesus' tomb; can you roll away the stone in your life and set your spiritual life free?
Sunday 11 March 2012 [5.5Mb] Christian work is constantly crippled by clinging to blessings and traditions of the past. God is not the God of yesterday he is the God of today. Heaven forbid that we should go on playing religious games in one corner when the cloud and fire of God’s presence have moved to another.” Through the Year with David Watson The challenge for us is to know what to preserve from the past and what to discard.
Sunday 26 February 2012 [4.1Mb] Loneliness is inner emptyness whereas solitude is inner fulfillment. We all need solitude - a time to reflect, to sort out the hiccups in our lives. If we are to be followers of Christ then we must follow him into the desert; if we are to be His disciples then we must have discipline.
Sunday 22 January 2012 [4.9Mb] Voltaire said "the best is the enemy of the good" but do we just accept the "good" and not hold out for the best? The best is yet to come - Jesus died for us on the cross so that our sins may be forgiven and we will have eternal life.
Sunday 8 January 2012 [4Mb] White shall not neutralize the black, nor good compensate bad in man, absolve him so: life's business being just the terrible choice. (Robert Browning). What choices will you make? Do you stand in the twilight or at dusk - which ever it is you cannot escape your choices but as the Jesuits say "never make your choice from a position of desoliation".
Sunday 11 December 2011 [4.1Mb] Will you dwell in the darkness or the light? You are sent by Jesus as a witness to the light. By being truthful to our Lord and yurself you will dwell in the light.
Sunday 27 November 2011 [3.8Mb] God Gives us his Grace. What Grace or gift do you have and have you made use of it, have you listened to God's calling?
Sunday 30 October 2011 [4.3Mb] To most, including good people, God is a belief, but the saints embrace God; can you like the saints embrace God?
Sunday 23 October 2011 [5.2Mb] Power can be gained but not glory. So how do we gain "glory"?
Sunday 9 October 2011 [4.1Mb] Will you tend God's kingdom here on earth and will you hear God's calling?
Sunday 25 September 2011 [4.2Mb] Is the best the enemy of the good? Do we listen to what God has to say to us?
Sunday 14 August 2011 [5Mb] What is your faith built on? Is your faith in Jesus?
Sunday 31 July 2011 [10.8Mb] Being a Christian is not an effortless experience; there is no gain without gain. Are you up to it? Can you follow the example of Christian monestaries - 7 sessions of prayer each day? You need spiritual "exercise", try these disciplines: fasting, worship & meditation
Sunday 24 July 2011 [10Mb] Heaven is a divine gift from God; don't confuse it with earthly kingdoms - but how do we access the Kindom of Heaven?
Sunday 10 July 2011 [8.3Mb] God sends us his Word but do we hear and then act on the message or does it fall on stoney ground?
Sunday 26 June 2011 [10.2Mb] The mind of God is revealed through the mind of Christ. At Pentecost you are given the mind of Christ!
Sunday 12 June 2011 [8Mb] Christians must meet the Holy Spirit. Let Get in the Boxing ring of life and do the right thing by applying your faith.
Sunday 22 May 2011 [7.5Mb] What do we cling to; is it wealth, power, sex, bitterness resentment, pride ...? Instead reach out for the hand of God - but do we have the courage?
Sunday 24 April 2011 [9.2Mb] The journey with Christ is a rewarding journey but you need to get on the right "train"!
Sunday 10 April 2011 [10.4Mb] Take Care of your life God will take care of your death
Sunday 27 March 2011 [10.0Mb]

Earthly things do not satisfy - what brings you the depth of satisfaction; do these 3 things:

  • Do the will of the Father
  • Drink of the water of life
  • Take up the cross and follow Jesus
Sunday 13 March 2011 [6.7Mb] "It is good to be without vices but it is not good to be without temptations" Walter Bagehot. Temptation means testing - respond to the "testing" and then you will grow; the greater the testing then the closer we get to God.
Sunday 27 February 2011 [8.8Mb] A Gem can't be polished with out friction and a human cannot be perfect with out trials - can you face up to your trials? What is keeping you back? Use it as a spur or a springboard for success.
Sunday 13 February 2011 [10.4Mb] Are you ready for solid spiritual food?
Sunday 23 January 2011 [8.5Mb] Don't stay in a rut and don't hold other back
Sunday 9 January 2011 [9.6Mb] You are not an observer you have to take part!
Sunday 12 December 2010 [9.2Mb] Where is the true Messiah?
Sunday 31 October 2010 [9.2Mb] Your choices show who you truely are; God makes/made choices - what are yours?
Sunday 24 October 2010 [8.6Mb] To err is human but to forgive is divine. Do you trust in God's promise?
Sunday 26 September 2010 [6.6Mb] What do you believe in? Who or what is your god? The Blessed Cardinal John Newman said "you may chose what you believe in but in what you believe you will be held to account"
Sunday 12 September 2010 [6.3Mb] We need to be members of the community of faith but that is not enough! In our community of faith we have a part to play in supporting one another. Being reconciled to others - is the problem them or you; reach out and make the first move.
Sunday 29 August 2010 [7.7Mb] What are the criteria for honour? In the world of men or in God's World?
Sunday 22 August 2010 [9.2Mb] Is the Sabbath a time for restoration, re-creation and healing?
Sunday 8 August 2010 [13.4Mb] What roles do faith & reason play in our lives - are they entirely independent or perhaps they are in fact entwined!
Sunday 23 May 2010 [10.9Mb] Pentecost - do you have time to stand and stare!
Sunday 11 April 2010 [13.6Mb] Explore the gift of doubt.
Sunday 28 February 2010 [11.9Mb] Lent is upon us and is a period to allow us to get into shape spiritually. Consider your role in life, use this time as a peirod of training to meditate, resist temptation and follow your true conscience.
Sunday 14 February 2010 [11.4Mb] Do you have a "veil" concealing and acting as a barrier between you and Christ?
Sunday 24 January 2010 [11.6Mb] What does liberty mean to you?