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Good Friday 2010 Sermons

Nine mini sermons by the Rector interspersed with Hymns on the meaning to us of Jesus' last hours.  A devotion in meditation, hymns and prayer covering those last three hours of our Saviour's life as He hung on the Cross. 
The Meditations are based on a series of Meetings between Jesus and various people.  There's a bit of them in each of us!
 Title  Reading  length
 Hymn [taken from Hymns Old & New]
 Mary  Luke 1 v26  11:26  8.2Mb  471 The Angel Gabriel from heaven came
 Satan  Luke 4  9:29  6.5Mb  145 Forty Days and forty nights thou wast fasting inthe wild
 A Samaritan Woman  John 4 v1  13:17  9.5Mb  202 Have you heard the rain drops drumming on the rooftops?
 Madman  Mark 5  11:22  7.8Mb  106 Dear Lord and Father of Mankind forgive our foolish ways
 Blindman  John 9  13:43  9.6Mb  317 Lord the light of of your love is shining [Shine Jesus Shine]
 Judas Iscariot  John 13 v18-30  10:00 7.3Mb   541 What a friend we have in Jesus
 Pilate  John 18 v28  10:51  7.6Mb  not known
 Simon of Cyrene  Mark 15 v21  13:52  9.7Mb  548 When I needed a neighbour were you there?
 Death  Luke 23 v44  13:46  9.6Mb  6 Abide with me
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