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Good Friday 2011 Sermons

Nine mini sermons by the Rector interspersed with Hymns on the meaning to us of Jesus' last hours.  A devotion in meditation, hymns and prayer covering those last three hours of our Saviour's life as He hung on the Cross. 
The Meditations are based on a series of cross roads we encounter in our lives and illustrated by examples from the Bible.

 Title  Reading  length
 Hymn [taken from Hymns Old & New: New Anglican Edition 1996]
 Jacob wrestles with God  Genesis 32 V22-32  11:16  xxMb 54 Be Still my soul: the Lord is at your side. [Katharina von Schlegal b1697]
Do we deny what we are or do we radiate what we are? Exodus 3 v1-15 9:54  xxMb 53 Be Still for the presence of the Lord [David J Evans b 1957]
We are shaped in younger life by our enviornmental responses - From our parents, our feeling in childhood and that we are made in the image of God - the Logos John 18 v 12 10:03  Mb 19 All that I am All That I Do [Sebastian Temple b1928]
Peter denies Jesus in our spiritual journey do we progress or regress John 18 v15  9:36  Mb 437 Rock of Ages Cleft for Me. Augustus Mantague Toplady 1746-1778]
The Crucifixation.  The more a man understands the more he forgives Luke 23 v21  10:17  Mb 167 God Forgave my Sins in Jesus' Name. [Carol Owens]
 Freedom, Justice - the Son sets you free  Mark 15 11:20 Mb  31 And Did Those Feet in Ancient Time - Jerusalem [William Blake 1757-1827] Inspired by the view of Lavant Down
Pilot "What is Truth?" "Are you the King of the Jews?" Do you know who you are? John 18 v 38 10:05  Mb 235 I the Lord of Sea and Sky [Dan Schutte]
 Christ provides encouragement - do we progress or regress? Luke 23 v32 10:05   Mb 560 Will you come and follow me if I call your name? [John L Bell b1949 & Graham Maule b1958]
Death forces the final decision Luke 23 v44  11 28  Mb 346 My Song id Love Unknown [Samuel Crossman 1624-84]
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