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Some of the Sermons delivered by Reverend James Radcliffe are made available on these pages to allow those who were not able to attend to listen to the ministry of the word. It also provides an opportunity for all to meditate on the James' teaching.
Each Sermon is available in MP3 format and can either be downloaded or listened to in situ. You will require software on your computer that is capable of playing MP3 audio files. Note: if you use an Apple iPad or iPhone you will not be able to see the Adobe Flash based player below, however, you can still hear the Sermon by clicking on the hyperlink in the list further down this page.

You may also wish to listen to the occassional podcast given by our Former Rector, Peter Atkinson, who is now Dean of Worcester Cathedral - go to this page
 Sunday 12 Apr 2015
 John 20v19-end.  Seeing and believing. Not seeing, yet believing.
 Sunday 29 Mar 2015
 Philippians 2v5-11.  True humility.
 Sunday 22 Mar 2015
 Jeremiah 31v31-34.  A momenteous new era.
 Sunday 8 Mar 2015
 I Corinthians 1v18-25.  The message of the cross is foolishness.
 Sunday 1 Mar 2015
 Mark 8v31-end.  What does it mean to be a Christian?
 Sunday 22 Feb 2015
 Mark 1v9-15.  The time has come. Repent and believe the good news
Wednesday 18 Feb 2015
 Psalm 51v1-18.  A contrite heart
 Sunday 15 Feb 2015
 1 Corinthians 12v4-31.  We belong to each other as God’s family
 Sunday 11 Jan 2015
 Mark 1v4-11.  Jesus revealed to the world.
 Sunday 28 Dec 2014 Matthew 2v13-18.  God’s controlling purpose. God’s consoling Promise.
 Wednesday 24 Dec 2014 Luke 2v1-20.  Silent Night
 Sunday 21 Dec 2014 John 1v1-14 .  The Wonder of the Incarnation
 Sunday 21 Dec 2014 Luke 1v26-38.  How to respond to God’s Sovereign grace?
 Sunday 14 Dec 2014 John 1:6-8, 19-28.  Prepare the way of the Lord
 Sunday 7 Dec 2014 Isaiah 40v1-11.  Christianity is about Christ.
 Sunday 30 Nov 2014 1 Corinthians 1v3-9.  comprehensively enriched, waiting eagerly, strongly sustained
 Sunday 23 Nov 2014 Ephesians 1v15-23.  Give us eyes to see, Lord
 Sunday 26 Oct 2014 Matthew 22v34-46.  Loving God
 Sunday 19 Oct 2014 Matthew 22v15-22.  Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s.
 Sunday 12 Oct 2014 Matthew 22v1-14.  Parable of the wedding banquet.
 Sunday 28 Sep 2014 Matthew 21v23-32.  True repentance
 Sunday 21 Sep 2014 Matthew 20v1-16.  The kingdom of heaven is a Kingdom of Grace
 Sunday 14 Sep 2014 Matthew 18v21-35.  POINT IT OUT. LET IT GO. FORGIVEN PEOPLE FORGIVE
 Sunday 7 Sep 2014 JOSHUA 1V6-9.  New beginnings: Be strong and courageous
 Sunday 31 Aug 2014 Rom 12v9-21.  Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer
 Sunday 24 Aug 2014 Rom 12v1-8.  Therefore live in the light of the gospel
 Sunday 10 Aug 2014 Matthew 14v22-33.  The King of Authority and Power. The King of Mercy and Love
 Sunday 3 Aug 2014 Psalm 121.  WW1 Commemoration
 Sunday 27 Jul 2014 Rom 8v 26-39.  Nothing can separate us from the love of God.
 Sunday 20 Jul 2014 Rom 8v12-25.  The Holy Spirit helps us to put to death sin and assures us that we are children of God
 Sunday 13 Jul 2014 Rom 8v1-11.  There is now no condemnation for those in Christ
 Sunday 22 Jun 2014 Rom 6v1-11.  The doctrine of Our Union  with Christ
 Sunday 8 Jun 2014 2 Corinthians 4v1-6.  Never give up! God’s part in evangelism.  Our part in evangelism
 Sunday 25 May 2014 1 Peter 3v13-22.  Silent, silly or signpost Christians
 Sunday 18 May 2014 Acts 2v42-47.  A learning, loving, worshipping and evangelistic church
 Sunday 11 May 2014 John 10v1-10.  Christian Aid Week - Speaker from West Sussex Christian Aid
 Sunday 4 May 2014 Acts 2v36-41.  How does someone become a Christian? Admit, Believe, Come
 Sunday 27 April 2014
 1 Peter 1v3-9.  The past is certain. The future is secure. The present involves trials
 Friday 18 April 2014
 Good Friday. John 19 Hour at the Cross
 Thursday 17 April 2014
 Maundy Thursday. 1 Corinthians 11v23-26  Look back with gratitude together. Look forward with hope together.
 Sunday 13 April 2014
 Philippians 2v5-11  Humility starts in the mind and continues in actions.
 Sunday 23 March 2014
 Exodus 17  The Partial Kingdom.
 Sunday 16 March 2014
 Genesis 12  The promised Kingdom.
 Sunday 9 March 2014
 Genesis 2v15-17: Genesis 3v1-7  The perished Kingdom
 Wednesday 5 March 2014
 Ash Wednesday. Psalm 51 He admits sin. He understands sin. He forsakes sin.
 Sunday 23 February 2014
 Genesis 1v1-2v3  God is the author and King of Creation. Human beings are the pinnacle of creation. ‘Rest’ is the goal of creation.
 Sunday 16 February 2014
 Matthew 5v21-26  A reconciling heart is in the DNA of a disciple.
 Sunday 9 February 2014
 Matthew 5v13-17  Don’t lose your distinctiveness. Don’t hide your distinctiveness.
 Sunday 2 February 2014
 Malachi 3v1-5  Complaining, Coming and Cleaning.
 Sunday 26 January 2014
 Isaiah 9v1-4  A great Ruler and a good ruler with a growing rule.
 Sunday 19 January 2014
 Colossians 3v22-4v6 Live out the gospel life. Pass on the gospel message.
 Sunday 12 January 2014
 Acts 10v34-43 A transformed attitude and a Jesus-centered message.
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 Sunday 24 November 2013
 Luke 23v33-43 One man treats Jesus as if he is nothing at all. One man treats Jesus as if he is Lord of all
 Sunday 17 November 2013
 Malachi 4v1-2a Furnace or Freedom
 Sunday 10 November 2013
 John 3v14-21 The greatness of the danger, the greatness of their sacrifice and the greatness of the result. For these things we will remember Him.
 Sunday 3 November 2013
 Luke 6v20-31 Loving your enemies.
 Sunday 27 October 2013
 2 Cor 9v6-15 Christian Giving3 : Giving is sowing not losing. Giving is between God and us. Giving is provided for by God. Giving honours God.
 Sunday 20 October 2013
 2 Cor 8v16-9v5 Christian Giving 2: Careful and Organized. Ready to give
 Sunday 13 October 2013
 2 Cor 8v1-15 Christian Giving 1: Gratitude for God’s grace
 Sunday 6 October 2013
 Phil 4v4-9 Harvest Gift: God’s peace
 Sunday 29 September 2013
 Luke 16v19-31 2 Men, 2 Destinies, 1 Warning
 Sunday 22 September 2013
 Luke 16v1-15 Be shrewd: An investment we must make: A decision we must take
 Sunday 8 September 2013
 Luke 14v25-33 Jesus is to have first place in our hearts Above our relatives, Above our ambitions, Above our possessions
 Sunday 1 September 2013
 Luke 14v1-14 For everyone who exalts himself in this life will be humbled in eternity And he who humbles himself in this life will be exalted in eternity
 Sunday 25 August 2013
 Luke 13v10-17 It’s a personal, powerful, praiseworthy Kingdom. It is a new Kingdom.
 Sunday 18 August 2013
Luke 12v49-56 Fire, baptism, not peace but division.
 Sunday 28 July 2013
Luke 11v1-13 Do you know how to Pray? Prayer is just talking to God but if you don't know what to say use the 5 "Ps" to help you. Privilege, Priorities, Provision, Pardon, Protection
 Sunday 30 June 2013
 When you prioritize the things in your life make sure you put the big things first them the medium and finally the small insignificant things. Is following Jesus one of your "Big things"?
 Sunday 12 May 2013
 Pray - it Works! Believe in Jesus & you will be saved; believe the Gospel and serve.
 Sunday 28 Apr 2013
 Rest Righteousness & Rejoicing are what we can look forward to in the world to come