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posted 13 Jun 2010, 14:24 by Richard Ryder   [ updated 26 Feb 2011, 02:51 ]

1. Introduction and Outline

The last plenary group session was held in May 2009. We need to meet regularly to bring together all who help in the running of both Churches, and to listen to contributions made to Outreach in our Parish. The various groups and activities help to give people a sense of belonging.

2. Resumé of the Year's Activities

F3 Youth Group.

The Youth Group had become dormant with no members at present. However the Faith aspect continues with the monthly Sunday @ Six Service. There is a programme of teaching and topics. A social activity of a walk around East Head and West Wittering in May provided an opportunity for people to get to know one another.We discussed ways to bring our young people to Church and fellowship. Perhaps we need to examine our welcome to families, or link up with other local churches - some of whom have paid youth workers.


Clive Stroud has tried to encourage children from the local school - these young children have little knowledge of hymns. There are competing activities and/or distractions outside the Church for children.
In order to maintain a balanced choir musically, we need to attract musical adults in all parts.
Lavant News
Financially, 2009 was a successful year with sales and advertising giving a surplus. A team of distributors delivers over 580 copies.  New printers had to be found at the end of 2009 with the closure of West Sussex Print Unit.  Unfortunately Harry Davidson will have to give up the Editorship due to failing eyesight.

Junior Church

The numbers of children fluctuate between 20 and 35. Any child under five years has to have a parent present. The number of volunteer leaders has increased by four.  The session at Lavant Primary School has resumed following the completion of the school building work.  Help is needed at St Mary's with the setting up of tables and chairs prior to the sessions.

Toddler Group

Two teams of two volunteer adults continue to run the group each Tuesday morning in term time. The number of children attending ranges from five to ten. Extra volunteers are always welcome to fill in for regular holidays or illness.

Grave Concern- Churchyard Maintenance St Mary's

A group of volunteers continues to meet each Monday evening during the summer months to maintain the churchyard. The graveyard and flowers are looked after much better since the group started. Visitors comment on the beautiful churchyard.

Flowers- St Nicholas'

The flowers cost between £6-£8 per fortnight plus Oasis. At St Nicholas’ no weddings are held – at St Mays’s, the flowers are often funded by wedding couples. Proper funding will be arranged with the Treasurer.

Brass Cleaning St Mary's

There is a team of six volunteers who work on a rota of one per week.

Open All Hours - Church Watch Scheme

Most of the people coming into the church when it is open are visitors - comprising walkers or couples seeking wedding venues - very few from our own congregation. There was discussion whether appropriate soft music should be played.

Home Groups

Hosts and leaders have more confidence now following several sessions that have taken place since the autumn of 2008. The number attending each session is around the mid 40's. It would be helpful to have the extensive VHS video library converted to DVD, as they cover topics that could be revisited.  The Home Groups are trying to meet all needs. Some would prefer more in-depth, intellectual sessions; others prefer application to life experiences.


There are no plans to hold a course this year - looking to 2011. There are people who have expressed an interest in joining the course.

Coffee Rota - St Mary's

Lighting is needed for the sink area

Mission and Outreach Committee

More active members are needed on the Committee as it deals with the Lent Appeal, Christian Aid, Harvest Supper and the Christmas Appeal.

Church Cleaning

Although St Mary's now has a large team of volunteers who meet monthly, St Nicholas' has no team at all. Even at the annual Spring clean, only six volunteers attended. Yet St Nicholas' is used for so many activities week by week.

3. New Initiatives in 2009

Healing Ministry

A group has been formed with the aims of showing God's love, to expand the idea of Healing and Wholeness in the parish, and have an active Healing Ministry as part of the regular Sunday Service. Many churches in the Chichester Diocese that hold Healing Services have been visited. Training has been undertaken at Crowhurst. On 26 September, s pilot Eucharist Service will take place to incorporate Healing for those who wish to receive healing.

Post Office at St Nicholas'

This Post Office Outreach operates on Monday and Wednesday mornings, but is struggling. It may be that the Wednesday session will cease. It is clearly a question of "use it or lose it"

Good Neighbours’ Scheme

Since the Scheme’s inauguration last May, a leaflet has been produced and delivered around the village. Publicity has been given in the Lavant News, and several requests for help have been received. These are quite diverse, and there is wide expertise within the volunteer group. More volunteers are needed - especially in the daytime.

4 Back-to-Church Sunday

This annual initiative takes place nationally each September. It is an opportunity for Church members to invite their friends. Research shows that a significant number stay within the Church family. It was discussed by the PCC in April, but a great deal of planning and follow-up action/services are needed, so for Lavant it will be deferred until 2011.

5. Future Initiatives

Another Away Day is to be considered later this year. Possibly a social event such as a Christmas Party.

Forthcoming Meeting

Full PCC Meeting Tuesday 22 June 7.30 pm  In the Lavant Room at St Mary’s