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posted 19 Jan 2010, 15:31 by Richard Ryder   [ updated 26 Feb 2011, 02:52 ]

1. Lavant Churches Website

Richard Ryder gave a presentation of the new website.

He has developed this free website, and has given each PCC member (with internet access) a password to sign into the website, and update it with any news or information.

He has also e-mailed everyone on the Electoral Roll who has given their e-mail address - some 200. He emphasised the importance of updating information. e.g. the Notes of the PCC meeting could be placed on the website, as well as in the Lavant News.

Richard was thanked for his many hours of hard work developing the website.


2. Lavant Churches "Groups & Activities" Leaflet

Mary Ninness has had an initial run of 1500 printed, and these are to be placed in each church, with some also for the Junior Church. It is planned to deliver one to each household in Lavant.

3. Memorial Stelae

The Faculty was finally obtained in December. One stone has been inscribed already, and is ready to be placed in the ground - weather permitting.

The second stele has been inscribed with a number of names, but is not complete, so will be placed in a socket for easy removal, for more names to be added.

4. St Mary's Lighting

Details of three tenders had been received, and after considering them the PCC RESOLVED to award the Contract to ESP (Electrical Services and Projects Ltd) at a cost of £27,122 + VAT.

The work is planned to start immediately after Easter and will take up to six weeks.

5. Mission Action Plan (MAP) Review 2010

As part of our ongoing review of the plan, the PCC will meet with all group and activities’ leaders on 18 May 2010 at 7pm in the Lavant Room at St Mary's.

6. Cursillo Report

Hilary Caffyn's report was discussed. The Cursillo organisation has several members within Lavant Churches who meet twice a month. There are several groups within the Diocese, and there will be a special service in the Cathedral in June, to celebrate ten years of Chichester's involvement with Cursillo.

Two weekends are held each year - the next from 04 to 07 March - and more publicity is needed to explain the opportunities that the courses offer. Hilary will put more information in the Lavant News, and will give a verbal explanation in Church.

7. Draft Annual Report and Accounts

The Draft Annual Report had been circulated, and Richard Fisk gave the PCC copies of the Draft Accounts for 2009 with an explanatory summary.

There are a few outstanding items, but he would like a Resolution on the Accounts before they are passed to the Independent Examiner.

RESOLVED that the Draft Accounts be approved.

8. Registration with ICIS (Independent Combined Information Service)

Mary Ninness sought approval to free registration with this West Sussex organisation that helps people find support, care or advice. It will be useful for the Good Neighbour's Scheme. AGREED by the PCC.


Forthcoming Meetings


Full PCC Meeting      Tuesday 16 February                 7.30 pm

in the Lavant Room at St Mary’s


The APCM                 Tuesday 23 March                      7.30 pm

in St Nicholas’ Church