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posted 13 Jun 2010, 09:12 by Richard Ryder   [ updated 26 Feb 2011, 02:53 ]

1. Healing Ministry

The Pilot Healing Service will take place on Sunday 26 September in the Memorial Chapel after the receiving of Communion

2. Treasurer's Report

The Lighting at St Mary's is completed, and interim accounts from the contractor and the architect totalling £22,375 have been paid.
Specific donations for the project amount to £3,362, with the balance taken from the Jane Cooper Legacy Fund.
A dedication of the lighting and also the Memorial Garden Stelae will take place Sunday 13th June 2010. 
23 new Choir Robes have been received at a cost after discount of £2,433.

3. Kitchen Uplift- St Nicholas'

The new units, and the movement of two overhead cupboards, have made a huge improvement to the facilities in the kitchen. The Electrician is wiring new sockets, and the microwaves will be moved onto new brackets.  The funding has come from an instalment payment donation - originally for the Lavant Room, but the donors have agreed to the alternative use. This money together with Gift Aid will cover the cost. We are very grateful to the donors.

4. Organ at St Nicholas'

The organ had starting smoking and a piece had burnt out during a 10am Service in April. The burnt piece had been replaced, but was playing the wrong notes! The organ repairer is returning, but thought a new unit might be needed.

5. Rector's Vestry at St Mary's

Following the replacement lighting it was thought this vestry should be refurbished with new shelving, cupboard, and housing for the fuse boxes. Redecoration and possible re-plastering also needed. The Rector will discuss with other users of the Vestry.

6. Editorship of Lavant News

Harry Davidson's eyesight is deteriorating and he has indicated he would like to give up as soon as a suitable replacement can be found.

Next Meeting

Full PCC 18 May 2010 Lavant Room 7.00 pm (Special Mission Plan Meeting)