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posted 26 Feb 2011, 03:15 by Richard Ryder   [ updated 26 Feb 2011, 03:19 ]

1. Presentation: Zimbabwe "New Growth Ministries"

Rosie Hoare recently visited in Zimbabwe the small farm near Chinhoyi where the Mackenzie family run a support programme for 200 vulnerable clients – the widows and orphans of Aids.
Our Harvest Appeal had raised £843 for this registered charity, and in addition Rosie took medicines and clothing donated by our congregation.
She also visited Uganda where we support, through our Lent Project, an orphaned teenager, Aran Mujjimbire, who is studying for A-levels.

2. Handrail for St Mary's Pathway/Drive

The driveway is steep in places and uneven and a handrail would give support, especially in conditions of wet leaves, or snow and ice. More research is needed to check on ownership of the land before proceeding further.

3. Closure of St Nicholas' Coffee House

The Coffee House will close at Christmas after struggling for two-three years with only two regular visitors. The closure of the village shop means people no longer ‘drop in’. The day was changed to coincide with the Post Office outreach on Mondays, and notices were put in the Pew Sheets and the Lavant News, but to no avail.

4. Prayer Group

The early morning Prayer Group continues to meet each Monday. Some responses are received to requests for prayer posted on the web site. Prayers are offered for local and international causes, and also the sick.

5. Treasurer's Report

On the action to tackle the budget deficit, 20 responses were received to letters sent out to all on the Electoral Roll.
The PCC is interested to hear of people's thoughts on the letter, and the Treasurer will place a request for comments in the Pew Sheet.
The costs of restoration work to the Rector's vestry, and the chancel carpet totalled £3633.
Disappointment was expressed at the low collection on Remembrance Sunday for the Royal British Legion, totalling £155.50.
The PCC AGREED to make up the donation to £200.

Forthcoming Meeting

Full PCC Tuesday 18 January 7.30 pm Lavant Room