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posted 26 Feb 2011, 03:25 by Richard Ryder   [ updated 27 Mar 2011, 11:18 ]

1. Handrail for St Mary's Pathway/Drive

Preliminary enquiries have been made to ascertain the extent of the church's ownership of the strip of land to the west of the path. The land is registered, but no exact dimensions are available yet. The matter is being pursued.

2. Healing Ministry Questionnaire results and the way forward

Following the pilot Healing Service within the Eucharist on 26 September, questionnaires were sent out to over 400 on the Electoral Roll. Only 43 responded.
It was felt more publicity and information were needed for the congregation, as healing is a fundamental part of the Christian teaching. The Rector will prepare an article for the Lavant News, and an information sheet will be available at the back of the church.
AGREED to a monthly Healing Service within the Communion, with a separate service starting in July. A review will take place after 12 months.

3. Organist / Choir Report

Clive Stroud's report for 2010 was discussed. Several children had joined the junior choir. New robes had been purchased, and more will be needed as new members join. Clive needs our support as the adult section needs more good voices and the PCC will urge any in the congregation with good voices to join. The Carol Service was of a high standard.
Clive asked that notice boards are not stored in the organ chamber, as the wind supply to the organ is being impeded.

4. Cursillo Report

Hilary Caffyn's report was discussed. The congregation doesn't have much information on this organisation. Leaflets are available in both churches. To join, an initial long weekend - expensive and some distance away - has to be attended.
Hilary will give more information to the congregation in the summer.

4. Treasurer's Report

The 2011 Diocesan Parish Contribution payable by Lavant had been previously notified as a 1% increase to £61,007, but now we have been asked for a further 1%, mainly to cover pension contributions.
RESOLVED to increase the share to £61,600.
This year's £1,000 budgeted payment for the Family Support Worker is not needed. It is hoped another Support worker will be in place by September.

6. Draft Annual Report and Accounts

Richard Fisk had circulated copies of the accounts. He explained that the budget deficit was lower than expected at £1,916.  The accounts will now be submitted to the Independent Examiner.
RESOLVED to approve the accounts.
Barbara Treverton's annual report was agreed with two minor amendments.

7. Churchwardens’ Report

Two stained glass windows at St Mary's need attention: the window in the south of the chancel, and the west window.  An estimate has been received, plus one for the internal cleaning of the remaining windows.  Another estimate will be requested for comparison, and then a Faculty will be required.

8. Heating at St Nicholas'

Complaints about the heating have been received from some users of the church, the Luncheon Club and Toddler Group. Sometimes the heating has not come on; at other times it is inefficient, meaning coats have to be worn.  An investigation will be carried out with the electrician.

9. PCC Secretary

Barbara Treverton has to come off the PCC in March after six years, and no replacement as Secretary has yet been found. A notice will be put in the Pew Sheets.

Forthcoming Meetings

PCC Thursday 17 February Lavant Room, St Mary's 7.30 p.m.

Annual Parochial Church Meeting

Tuesday 22nd March St Nicholas’ Church 7.30 p.m.