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posted 4 Aug 2010, 13:13 by Richard Ryder   [ updated 26 Feb 2011, 02:53 ]

1. Social Committee

As the result of notices placed in the Pew Sheet, a number of people had volunteered. Cynthia Blades will take forward.

2. Refurbishment of Rector's Vestry

Bruce Munn has started to make the fitments in his workshop.

3. Outward Giving Committee -Recommended Causes

The Committee had met on 09 July and recommended:-

(i) International charity -

World Horizons, West Africa to receive £925. The missionaries involved with this charity are Steve and Charlie Davis - recent members of our congregation. The money will be spent on providing desks for the Anoura Christian School in Niger.

(ii) Local Charities -

Home-Start, Chichester to receive £600. This charity currently supports 35 families who are under stress – through visits to provide support, friendship and practical assistance;
St Olav’s Trust to receive £325. St Olav's Church in North Street used to house the SPCK bookshop, but is now a Trust trying to establish itself as a going concern. Many local churches and individuals are helping.
RESOLVED that the amounts specified should go to the named charities.

4. Deanery Synod - Report Back

The main problem is the Diocesan overspend of £170,000 although our Deanery had paid 100%. Ministry costs are no longer being funded by the parish share.
The death of David Baker was reported with sadness. Deanery Treasurer, and also Lay Chair, he had been ill with cancer for some time, but had continued with his Church duties.
PCC to send a letter of condolence.

5. Lavant Good Neighbours’ Scheme

This scheme has been well received in the parish.  Help has been given with lifts to church and hospital appointments. Gardeners have been organised for the elderly whose gardens had become overgrown.  These are just examples of the type of help given, in addition to regular visits for tea and chat.  The scheme will also take over the organisation of the Harvest Festival, and the distribution of gifts.

6. Open all Hours - (Churchwatch)

It was reported there had been an increase in visitor numbers. There are over 30 helpers on the rota.

7. Treasurer's Report

The Financial Statement showed a deficit of £5,670 for the six months to the end of June. Planned Giving was £1,500 less than in the first quarter of the year.

8. Churchwardens’ Report

The only item of note was that the lantern over the south door had been fitted by Neil Morton.

9. Replacement Treasurer and Secretary from 2011

Richard Fisk and Barbara Treverton will each have completed their six year tenure at the next APCM in March 2011. Replacement officers need to be sought. Notices will be placed in the Pew Sheet, and also in the Lavant News.  A replacement Editor for the Lavant News is also needed.

10. Bishop's Letter

The Bishop of Chichester has circulated his letter concerning the issue of Women Bishops to all PCCs in his Diocese. He urged parishes to read the Rochester Report. A copy will be obtained for the parish to read.

11. Video (VHS) Tapes to DVD Transfer

There is a machine advertised in newspapers costing around £40 that will transfer VHS tapes to DVD. This would be very useful for the Home Groups who have an extensive library of tapes that need transfer.  There is a need for someone with the necessary computer skills to come forward before any purchase is made.

12. Tap with ornamental roof in St Mary's Churchyard

This item was originally given as a memorial (the water pipe has long since broken). Donations for renovation have been offered, but it is not known if there will be a shortfall. More information is to be sought.

Forthcoming Meeting

Full PCC Tuesday 21 September 7.30pm Lavant Room