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Notes From the Annual Parocial Church Meeting

posted 3 Apr 2010, 08:31 by Richard Ryder   [ updated 26 Feb 2011, 02:53 ]
Meetings IconBelow are the notes from the APCM held on the 23rd March 2010

45 parishioners attended the meeting and 11 apologies received.

1. Arun Mujjimbire. Annabel Bowerman made a plea for increased help for Aran Mujjimbire's school fees. The Lent project each year raises funds for his fees. As he is now doing A Levels in Uganda his fees have increased to over £600 per annum

2. Elections. Patrick Madeley and Tina Saunders were re-elected as Churchwardens
Karen Eggleston and Julia Farwell elected to the PCC.
Margaret Johnson co-opted to the PCC

3. Electoral Roll. Richard Ryder reported an increase to the Electoral Roll to 411

4. Annual Report and Financial Statement for 2009. Richard Fisk's Report and Statement had been widely circulated in both churches prior to the meeting. Planned giving and collections totalling £73,000 were down by £1000 on the previous year. Interest rate on the deposit account down due to dramatic drop in interest rates. Parish contribution to the Diocese increased to £57,700 in 2009 and will increase again by £2,700 in 2010. The net financial deficit for 2009 was £172- compared with a surplus of £4,100 in 2008. We need to address the trend of increasing costs against static or declining income. The full annual Report is attached.
5. Independent Examiner. Miles Barber has agreed to be appointed for a further year.

6. Churchwardens' Report. The main focus in 2009 has been the replacement lighting in St Mary's. The plans were granted a faculty in January and the work will be carried out immediately following Easter lasting 6 weeks.The Church will be open for weekend services but closed in the week. The Lavant Room will remain open.

The faculty application for the Memorial Garden Stelae proved problematical but we now have 2 inscribed stelae in place provding a lasting memorial to loved ones. Thanks are due to Neil Morton for his inspirational work and to Rodney Fisher as the main benefactor.

The creation of an outreach post office at St Nicholas' for 2 morning per week is proving successsful and thanks expressed to Brian Coles for his work on this.

The Parish Awayday in September was successful and a further one is planned in April

7. Deanery Synod Report. Elizabeth Woodford gave a report on the year's activity. 3 meetings had taken place during the year. In June 2009 the main talk was on the life of our Cathedral where there are 330,000 visitors annually. It cost £2 million annually to maintain the Cathedral that hosts lunch time concerts, and special services for local organisation as well as the regular services. Chichester is one of only a few cathedrals not charging for entry. In November the meeting was held in the newly restored Boxgrove Priory where the meeting was informed of a proposal to reduce the number of Bishops and the new clergy discipline legislation. Deborah Bracken, our Deanery Family Support Worker, spoke at this meeting. Our parish contributes £1,000 yearly. She is dealing with 16 families at present with 10 more on a waiting list. In February this year a presentation was giiven by the recently appointed Diocesan Mission and Renewal Advisor, the Revd Richard Jackson. Chichester Deanery is reported to be the only one that has grown over the past 8 years. A report from the recent General Synod was given. Debates had ensued on growth; how to engage young people; a controversial discussion on civil partnerships, and the need to recognise the importance of the Bible. Next year is the 400th aniversary of the Authorised Version of the Bible.
Parishioners were urged to consider representing the parish on the Deanery Synod. We are entitled to 5 and only have 3 at present. Elections will be held in 2011.

8. Parish Reports
a) Good Neighbours Scheme. Cynthia Blades gave a report on this new group that was started some 6 months ago. It aims to befriend people who are lonely by visiting; helping those who are ill by shopping or collecting prescriptions; offering help by reference to other agencies who can give practical help. Home Communion can be arranged. A leaflet is to be distributed throughout the parish and contains a list of useful telephone numbers.
b) Healing Ministry. Karen Eggleston gave a report on this new group. Members of the group had held regular meetings and attended courses at Crowhurst Christian Healing Centre and other training available in the Healing Ministry. The Cathedral and other churches that hold healing services have been visited. Books and leaflets will be availale in St Mary's. It is proposed that the Healing Ministry will be included as part of the usual Eucharist Service at St Mary's. The options and practicalities have to be worked out but firstly the Rector will discuss the subject in the Lavant News and in sermons.
c) Home Groups. Mary Ninness gave a resume of the year's activities. The title had evolved from the former title of Home Bible Study Group as it was felt the emphasis on study might deter some people. The year has been successful and on occasions more than 60 people were involved. Thanks were expressed to the hosts of the sessions as a home environment is more comfortable. A variety of materials have been used throughout the year. There is a store of sessions created by the Rector . Someone with the ability/expertise to transfer these session from video to DVD is needed so this material can be utitised again. New members are always welcome.
Rector's Remarks. He began by thanking all the leaders and members of the groups referred to in the Annual Report and also the work of the PCC, Churchwardens Secretary and Treasurer. He thanked Geoff Barter tfor his help and support conducting services. Fiona Page, Elizabeth Woodford , Carol Loten and Clive Stroud. He was personally grateful to everyone for pulling together. He compared his life to that of his favourite film "It's a Wonderful Life.
Patrick Madeley concluded by thanking the Rector for his leadership and inspiration.
The next Meeting of the full PCC will be on Tuesday 20th April in the Lavant Room 7.30 pm

The Standing Committee will meet at 10.00am on Tuesday 18th May in the Lavant Room and on that same day there will be a special meeting of the full PCC together with group leaders to discuss our Mission Action Plan at 7.00 pm in the Lavant Room