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Notes from PCC Meeting 22nd June 10

posted 3 Jul 2010, 13:05 by Richard Ryder   [ updated 26 Feb 2011, 02:53 ]
1. Organ at St Nicholas' repaired on Saturday 19th June and appears to be working properly

2. Social Events. At the special PCC Meeting to discuss Mission Action Plan (MAP) -future Social Events were requested along the lines of those held for the fundraising for the Lavant Room. It was suggested a Social Committee should be formed. A notice to be placed in the pew sheets asking if anyone is interested in taking this forward

3. Greeters at the 10 am Service. The Rector felt many visitors appreciate the warmth of the welcome when arriving but afterwardspeople tended to form their own groups to socialise and thus newcomers felt excluded.It is important that all the congregation are aware of newcomers to speak to after the Service and this initiative should start with the PCC

4. Grave Concern/ Churchyard Maintenance. Neil Morton reported that the number of volunteers remains low. There are only sufficient for routine maintenance but occasional extra jobs are difficult to fulfil. An appeal for extra volunteers to be placed in the next issue of Lavant News.  The Memorial Stelae have received favourable comments.
Plastic flowers left at some graves remain a problem, this is a contravention of regulations. They are thrown away after a few weeks in the same way as live flowers that have died.  Some people are now leaving flowers in glass vases in the Memorial Garden, this is dangerous as the glass may get broken and is also against regulations. The PCC resolved to reinforce the Regulations that no glass vases or other receptacles be placed in the Memorial Garden only loose flowers by the Stelae.

5. Treasurer's Report. The final figure for the Lent Appeal amounted to £995 - £633 for Arun Mujjimbire's school fees and the balance to Sansthan Children's Home in India £344 was raised for Christian Aid (including Gift Aid).
The "Open All Hours" Church Watch had asked at the MAP meeting in May for suitable pre-recorded music to be played. The Treasurer had received a communication from the Christian Copyright Licensing advising that an additional fee of £90 pa was needed for music played other than at services. The PCC agreed to this cost.
Budget Deficit. A small sub committee had met to discuss the statements of income and expenditure since 2007. Total income is suffering a slight decline but outgoings notably the Diocesan Parish Contribution is increasing so normal day to day surpluses have turned into deficits. David Baker of the Deanery is working on reducing costs for the Diocesan Parish Share. We have substantial reserves but the interest rates have dropped dramatically. The reserves are reducing and action is needed to boost our income through regular giving and Gift Aid.

6. Churchwardens Report The kitchen refurbishment at St.Nicholas' has been completed. The new lighting in St Mary's is due to be signed off 30th June and a new cupboard and top have been fitted over the meters in the Rector's vestry. Plans have been drawn up to replace to existing cupboards/ drawers in the vestry with new, more efficient units and this together with repainting and new carpet to be done as soon as possible. bruce Munn will carry out the fitting of the replacement units. The PCC resolved to accept the astimate of £1450 to replace the units in the Rector's vestry.  The lantern for the south door is nearing completion and will be fitted early July.

7. David and Edwina's Ruby Wedding Celebrations 20th June The Rector wished to have recorded a big "thank you" for the wonderful gifts and cake presented at the service.

8. School Governor Lavant C of E Primary School. Evelyn Coles had come to the end of her 4 year term as School Governo and the Rector wished to place on record his thanks for her work. The PCC agreed to the Rector and Churchwardens seeking a replacement.

9. Noise in both Churches prior to the 10 am Service. Complaints had been received from some members of the congregation about the noise when some felt this should be a period of quiet reflection and socialising to be done after the Service. Members of the PCC felt this issue had come up time and again Lavant Church is a friendly church with a large congregation and for some people it is there only chance of socialising. The Rector will try to request less noise.

The next PCC Meeting is on Tuesday 20th July at 7.30 pm in the Lavant Room