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Notes from PCC & APCM meetings are placed here


posted 26 Feb 2011, 03:25 by Richard Ryder   [ updated 27 Mar 2011, 11:18 ]

1. Handrail for St Mary's Pathway/Drive

Preliminary enquiries have been made to ascertain the extent of the church's ownership of the strip of land to the west of the path. The land is registered, but no exact dimensions are available yet. The matter is being pursued.

2. Healing Ministry Questionnaire results and the way forward

Following the pilot Healing Service within the Eucharist on 26 September, questionnaires were sent out to over 400 on the Electoral Roll. Only 43 responded.
It was felt more publicity and information were needed for the congregation, as healing is a fundamental part of the Christian teaching. The Rector will prepare an article for the Lavant News, and an information sheet will be available at the back of the church.
AGREED to a monthly Healing Service within the Communion, with a separate service starting in July. A review will take place after 12 months.

3. Organist / Choir Report

Clive Stroud's report for 2010 was discussed. Several children had joined the junior choir. New robes had been purchased, and more will be needed as new members join. Clive needs our support as the adult section needs more good voices and the PCC will urge any in the congregation with good voices to join. The Carol Service was of a high standard.
Clive asked that notice boards are not stored in the organ chamber, as the wind supply to the organ is being impeded.

4. Cursillo Report

Hilary Caffyn's report was discussed. The congregation doesn't have much information on this organisation. Leaflets are available in both churches. To join, an initial long weekend - expensive and some distance away - has to be attended.
Hilary will give more information to the congregation in the summer.

4. Treasurer's Report

The 2011 Diocesan Parish Contribution payable by Lavant had been previously notified as a 1% increase to £61,007, but now we have been asked for a further 1%, mainly to cover pension contributions.
RESOLVED to increase the share to £61,600.
This year's £1,000 budgeted payment for the Family Support Worker is not needed. It is hoped another Support worker will be in place by September.

6. Draft Annual Report and Accounts

Richard Fisk had circulated copies of the accounts. He explained that the budget deficit was lower than expected at £1,916.  The accounts will now be submitted to the Independent Examiner.
RESOLVED to approve the accounts.
Barbara Treverton's annual report was agreed with two minor amendments.

7. Churchwardens’ Report

Two stained glass windows at St Mary's need attention: the window in the south of the chancel, and the west window.  An estimate has been received, plus one for the internal cleaning of the remaining windows.  Another estimate will be requested for comparison, and then a Faculty will be required.

8. Heating at St Nicholas'

Complaints about the heating have been received from some users of the church, the Luncheon Club and Toddler Group. Sometimes the heating has not come on; at other times it is inefficient, meaning coats have to be worn.  An investigation will be carried out with the electrician.

9. PCC Secretary

Barbara Treverton has to come off the PCC in March after six years, and no replacement as Secretary has yet been found. A notice will be put in the Pew Sheets.

Forthcoming Meetings

PCC Thursday 17 February Lavant Room, St Mary's 7.30 p.m.

Annual Parochial Church Meeting

Tuesday 22nd March St Nicholas’ Church 7.30 p.m.


posted 26 Feb 2011, 03:20 by Richard Ryder   [ updated 26 Feb 2011, 03:22 ]

1. St Nicholas' Coffee House

Still only two people regularly attend this group, despite its having moved to Monday when the Post Office is open in St Nicholas.
At the November PCC meeting, a decision will be taken on its closure after Christmas.

2. Treasurer's Report

The quarter ended 30 September showed a surplus, but this was due to the timing of certain annual donations, and low expenditure on maintenance items during the summer.
£3,633 has been spent on the Rector's Vestry refurbishment and the altar carpet. Most of this money will come from the Jane Cooper Legacy; the balance from the Memorial and Altar Furnishing Reserves.
The Harvest Appeal raised £840, to be sent to the New Growth Ministries in Zimbabwe.
Next full PCC Meeting Tues. 23 November 7.30 pm The Lavant Room


posted 26 Feb 2011, 03:15 by Richard Ryder   [ updated 26 Feb 2011, 03:19 ]

1. Presentation: Zimbabwe "New Growth Ministries"

Rosie Hoare recently visited in Zimbabwe the small farm near Chinhoyi where the Mackenzie family run a support programme for 200 vulnerable clients – the widows and orphans of Aids.
Our Harvest Appeal had raised £843 for this registered charity, and in addition Rosie took medicines and clothing donated by our congregation.
She also visited Uganda where we support, through our Lent Project, an orphaned teenager, Aran Mujjimbire, who is studying for A-levels.

2. Handrail for St Mary's Pathway/Drive

The driveway is steep in places and uneven and a handrail would give support, especially in conditions of wet leaves, or snow and ice. More research is needed to check on ownership of the land before proceeding further.

3. Closure of St Nicholas' Coffee House

The Coffee House will close at Christmas after struggling for two-three years with only two regular visitors. The closure of the village shop means people no longer ‘drop in’. The day was changed to coincide with the Post Office outreach on Mondays, and notices were put in the Pew Sheets and the Lavant News, but to no avail.

4. Prayer Group

The early morning Prayer Group continues to meet each Monday. Some responses are received to requests for prayer posted on the web site. Prayers are offered for local and international causes, and also the sick.

5. Treasurer's Report

On the action to tackle the budget deficit, 20 responses were received to letters sent out to all on the Electoral Roll.
The PCC is interested to hear of people's thoughts on the letter, and the Treasurer will place a request for comments in the Pew Sheet.
The costs of restoration work to the Rector's vestry, and the chancel carpet totalled £3633.
Disappointment was expressed at the low collection on Remembrance Sunday for the Royal British Legion, totalling £155.50.
The PCC AGREED to make up the donation to £200.

Forthcoming Meeting

Full PCC Tuesday 18 January 7.30 pm Lavant Room


posted 4 Aug 2010, 13:13 by Richard Ryder   [ updated 26 Feb 2011, 02:53 ]

1. Social Committee

As the result of notices placed in the Pew Sheet, a number of people had volunteered. Cynthia Blades will take forward.

2. Refurbishment of Rector's Vestry

Bruce Munn has started to make the fitments in his workshop.

3. Outward Giving Committee -Recommended Causes

The Committee had met on 09 July and recommended:-

(i) International charity -

World Horizons, West Africa to receive £925. The missionaries involved with this charity are Steve and Charlie Davis - recent members of our congregation. The money will be spent on providing desks for the Anoura Christian School in Niger.

(ii) Local Charities -

Home-Start, Chichester to receive £600. This charity currently supports 35 families who are under stress – through visits to provide support, friendship and practical assistance;
St Olav’s Trust to receive £325. St Olav's Church in North Street used to house the SPCK bookshop, but is now a Trust trying to establish itself as a going concern. Many local churches and individuals are helping.
RESOLVED that the amounts specified should go to the named charities.

4. Deanery Synod - Report Back

The main problem is the Diocesan overspend of £170,000 although our Deanery had paid 100%. Ministry costs are no longer being funded by the parish share.
The death of David Baker was reported with sadness. Deanery Treasurer, and also Lay Chair, he had been ill with cancer for some time, but had continued with his Church duties.
PCC to send a letter of condolence.

5. Lavant Good Neighbours’ Scheme

This scheme has been well received in the parish.  Help has been given with lifts to church and hospital appointments. Gardeners have been organised for the elderly whose gardens had become overgrown.  These are just examples of the type of help given, in addition to regular visits for tea and chat.  The scheme will also take over the organisation of the Harvest Festival, and the distribution of gifts.

6. Open all Hours - (Churchwatch)

It was reported there had been an increase in visitor numbers. There are over 30 helpers on the rota.

7. Treasurer's Report

The Financial Statement showed a deficit of £5,670 for the six months to the end of June. Planned Giving was £1,500 less than in the first quarter of the year.

8. Churchwardens’ Report

The only item of note was that the lantern over the south door had been fitted by Neil Morton.

9. Replacement Treasurer and Secretary from 2011

Richard Fisk and Barbara Treverton will each have completed their six year tenure at the next APCM in March 2011. Replacement officers need to be sought. Notices will be placed in the Pew Sheet, and also in the Lavant News.  A replacement Editor for the Lavant News is also needed.

10. Bishop's Letter

The Bishop of Chichester has circulated his letter concerning the issue of Women Bishops to all PCCs in his Diocese. He urged parishes to read the Rochester Report. A copy will be obtained for the parish to read.

11. Video (VHS) Tapes to DVD Transfer

There is a machine advertised in newspapers costing around £40 that will transfer VHS tapes to DVD. This would be very useful for the Home Groups who have an extensive library of tapes that need transfer.  There is a need for someone with the necessary computer skills to come forward before any purchase is made.

12. Tap with ornamental roof in St Mary's Churchyard

This item was originally given as a memorial (the water pipe has long since broken). Donations for renovation have been offered, but it is not known if there will be a shortfall. More information is to be sought.

Forthcoming Meeting

Full PCC Tuesday 21 September 7.30pm Lavant Room

Notes from PCC Meeting 22nd June 10

posted 3 Jul 2010, 13:05 by Richard Ryder   [ updated 26 Feb 2011, 02:53 ]

1. Organ at St Nicholas' repaired on Saturday 19th June and appears to be working properly

2. Social Events. At the special PCC Meeting to discuss Mission Action Plan (MAP) -future Social Events were requested along the lines of those held for the fundraising for the Lavant Room. It was suggested a Social Committee should be formed. A notice to be placed in the pew sheets asking if anyone is interested in taking this forward

3. Greeters at the 10 am Service. The Rector felt many visitors appreciate the warmth of the welcome when arriving but afterwardspeople tended to form their own groups to socialise and thus newcomers felt excluded.It is important that all the congregation are aware of newcomers to speak to after the Service and this initiative should start with the PCC

4. Grave Concern/ Churchyard Maintenance. Neil Morton reported that the number of volunteers remains low. There are only sufficient for routine maintenance but occasional extra jobs are difficult to fulfil. An appeal for extra volunteers to be placed in the next issue of Lavant News.  The Memorial Stelae have received favourable comments.
Plastic flowers left at some graves remain a problem, this is a contravention of regulations. They are thrown away after a few weeks in the same way as live flowers that have died.  Some people are now leaving flowers in glass vases in the Memorial Garden, this is dangerous as the glass may get broken and is also against regulations. The PCC resolved to reinforce the Regulations that no glass vases or other receptacles be placed in the Memorial Garden only loose flowers by the Stelae.

5. Treasurer's Report. The final figure for the Lent Appeal amounted to £995 - £633 for Arun Mujjimbire's school fees and the balance to Sansthan Children's Home in India £344 was raised for Christian Aid (including Gift Aid).
The "Open All Hours" Church Watch had asked at the MAP meeting in May for suitable pre-recorded music to be played. The Treasurer had received a communication from the Christian Copyright Licensing advising that an additional fee of £90 pa was needed for music played other than at services. The PCC agreed to this cost.
Budget Deficit. A small sub committee had met to discuss the statements of income and expenditure since 2007. Total income is suffering a slight decline but outgoings notably the Diocesan Parish Contribution is increasing so normal day to day surpluses have turned into deficits. David Baker of the Deanery is working on reducing costs for the Diocesan Parish Share. We have substantial reserves but the interest rates have dropped dramatically. The reserves are reducing and action is needed to boost our income through regular giving and Gift Aid.

6. Churchwardens Report The kitchen refurbishment at St.Nicholas' has been completed. The new lighting in St Mary's is due to be signed off 30th June and a new cupboard and top have been fitted over the meters in the Rector's vestry. Plans have been drawn up to replace to existing cupboards/ drawers in the vestry with new, more efficient units and this together with repainting and new carpet to be done as soon as possible. bruce Munn will carry out the fitting of the replacement units. The PCC resolved to accept the astimate of £1450 to replace the units in the Rector's vestry.  The lantern for the south door is nearing completion and will be fitted early July.

7. David and Edwina's Ruby Wedding Celebrations 20th June The Rector wished to have recorded a big "thank you" for the wonderful gifts and cake presented at the service.

8. School Governor Lavant C of E Primary School. Evelyn Coles had come to the end of her 4 year term as School Governo and the Rector wished to place on record his thanks for her work. The PCC agreed to the Rector and Churchwardens seeking a replacement.

9. Noise in both Churches prior to the 10 am Service. Complaints had been received from some members of the congregation about the noise when some felt this should be a period of quiet reflection and socialising to be done after the Service. Members of the PCC felt this issue had come up time and again Lavant Church is a friendly church with a large congregation and for some people it is there only chance of socialising. The Rector will try to request less noise.

The next PCC Meeting is on Tuesday 20th July at 7.30 pm in the Lavant Room


posted 13 Jun 2010, 14:24 by Richard Ryder   [ updated 26 Feb 2011, 02:51 ]

1. Introduction and Outline

The last plenary group session was held in May 2009. We need to meet regularly to bring together all who help in the running of both Churches, and to listen to contributions made to Outreach in our Parish. The various groups and activities help to give people a sense of belonging.

2. Resumé of the Year's Activities

F3 Youth Group.

The Youth Group had become dormant with no members at present. However the Faith aspect continues with the monthly Sunday @ Six Service. There is a programme of teaching and topics. A social activity of a walk around East Head and West Wittering in May provided an opportunity for people to get to know one another.We discussed ways to bring our young people to Church and fellowship. Perhaps we need to examine our welcome to families, or link up with other local churches - some of whom have paid youth workers.


Clive Stroud has tried to encourage children from the local school - these young children have little knowledge of hymns. There are competing activities and/or distractions outside the Church for children.
In order to maintain a balanced choir musically, we need to attract musical adults in all parts.
Lavant News
Financially, 2009 was a successful year with sales and advertising giving a surplus. A team of distributors delivers over 580 copies.  New printers had to be found at the end of 2009 with the closure of West Sussex Print Unit.  Unfortunately Harry Davidson will have to give up the Editorship due to failing eyesight.

Junior Church

The numbers of children fluctuate between 20 and 35. Any child under five years has to have a parent present. The number of volunteer leaders has increased by four.  The session at Lavant Primary School has resumed following the completion of the school building work.  Help is needed at St Mary's with the setting up of tables and chairs prior to the sessions.

Toddler Group

Two teams of two volunteer adults continue to run the group each Tuesday morning in term time. The number of children attending ranges from five to ten. Extra volunteers are always welcome to fill in for regular holidays or illness.

Grave Concern- Churchyard Maintenance St Mary's

A group of volunteers continues to meet each Monday evening during the summer months to maintain the churchyard. The graveyard and flowers are looked after much better since the group started. Visitors comment on the beautiful churchyard.

Flowers- St Nicholas'

The flowers cost between £6-£8 per fortnight plus Oasis. At St Nicholas’ no weddings are held – at St Mays’s, the flowers are often funded by wedding couples. Proper funding will be arranged with the Treasurer.

Brass Cleaning St Mary's

There is a team of six volunteers who work on a rota of one per week.

Open All Hours - Church Watch Scheme

Most of the people coming into the church when it is open are visitors - comprising walkers or couples seeking wedding venues - very few from our own congregation. There was discussion whether appropriate soft music should be played.

Home Groups

Hosts and leaders have more confidence now following several sessions that have taken place since the autumn of 2008. The number attending each session is around the mid 40's. It would be helpful to have the extensive VHS video library converted to DVD, as they cover topics that could be revisited.  The Home Groups are trying to meet all needs. Some would prefer more in-depth, intellectual sessions; others prefer application to life experiences.


There are no plans to hold a course this year - looking to 2011. There are people who have expressed an interest in joining the course.

Coffee Rota - St Mary's

Lighting is needed for the sink area

Mission and Outreach Committee

More active members are needed on the Committee as it deals with the Lent Appeal, Christian Aid, Harvest Supper and the Christmas Appeal.

Church Cleaning

Although St Mary's now has a large team of volunteers who meet monthly, St Nicholas' has no team at all. Even at the annual Spring clean, only six volunteers attended. Yet St Nicholas' is used for so many activities week by week.

3. New Initiatives in 2009

Healing Ministry

A group has been formed with the aims of showing God's love, to expand the idea of Healing and Wholeness in the parish, and have an active Healing Ministry as part of the regular Sunday Service. Many churches in the Chichester Diocese that hold Healing Services have been visited. Training has been undertaken at Crowhurst. On 26 September, s pilot Eucharist Service will take place to incorporate Healing for those who wish to receive healing.

Post Office at St Nicholas'

This Post Office Outreach operates on Monday and Wednesday mornings, but is struggling. It may be that the Wednesday session will cease. It is clearly a question of "use it or lose it"

Good Neighbours’ Scheme

Since the Scheme’s inauguration last May, a leaflet has been produced and delivered around the village. Publicity has been given in the Lavant News, and several requests for help have been received. These are quite diverse, and there is wide expertise within the volunteer group. More volunteers are needed - especially in the daytime.

4 Back-to-Church Sunday

This annual initiative takes place nationally each September. It is an opportunity for Church members to invite their friends. Research shows that a significant number stay within the Church family. It was discussed by the PCC in April, but a great deal of planning and follow-up action/services are needed, so for Lavant it will be deferred until 2011.

5. Future Initiatives

Another Away Day is to be considered later this year. Possibly a social event such as a Christmas Party.

Forthcoming Meeting

Full PCC Meeting Tuesday 22 June 7.30 pm  In the Lavant Room at St Mary’s


posted 13 Jun 2010, 09:12 by Richard Ryder   [ updated 26 Feb 2011, 02:53 ]

1. Healing Ministry

The Pilot Healing Service will take place on Sunday 26 September in the Memorial Chapel after the receiving of Communion

2. Treasurer's Report

The Lighting at St Mary's is completed, and interim accounts from the contractor and the architect totalling £22,375 have been paid.
Specific donations for the project amount to £3,362, with the balance taken from the Jane Cooper Legacy Fund.
A dedication of the lighting and also the Memorial Garden Stelae will take place Sunday 13th June 2010. 
23 new Choir Robes have been received at a cost after discount of £2,433.

3. Kitchen Uplift- St Nicholas'

The new units, and the movement of two overhead cupboards, have made a huge improvement to the facilities in the kitchen. The Electrician is wiring new sockets, and the microwaves will be moved onto new brackets.  The funding has come from an instalment payment donation - originally for the Lavant Room, but the donors have agreed to the alternative use. This money together with Gift Aid will cover the cost. We are very grateful to the donors.

4. Organ at St Nicholas'

The organ had starting smoking and a piece had burnt out during a 10am Service in April. The burnt piece had been replaced, but was playing the wrong notes! The organ repairer is returning, but thought a new unit might be needed.

5. Rector's Vestry at St Mary's

Following the replacement lighting it was thought this vestry should be refurbished with new shelving, cupboard, and housing for the fuse boxes. Redecoration and possible re-plastering also needed. The Rector will discuss with other users of the Vestry.

6. Editorship of Lavant News

Harry Davidson's eyesight is deteriorating and he has indicated he would like to give up as soon as a suitable replacement can be found.

Next Meeting

Full PCC 18 May 2010 Lavant Room 7.00 pm (Special Mission Plan Meeting)

Special PCC

posted 17 May 2010, 12:27 by Patrick Madeley   [ updated 27 Feb 2011, 06:40 by Richard Ryder ]

The will be a meeting of the PCC on Tuesday 18th May where all the activity groups operating in the Parish are invited to give their views. The meeting starts at 7.00 pm in the Lavant Room at St Mary's Church.

Notes from PCC Meeting 20th April 10

posted 28 Apr 2010, 12:28 by Richard Ryder   [ updated 26 Feb 2011, 02:53 ]

1. Kitchen Uplift at S. Nicholas'. The kitchen needs re-organisation with extra cupboards and worksurfaces. A quote has been obtained from Bruce Munn of £911.96 and a further £200 approx needed for electrical work to install 2 double sockets The Lunch House has £500 available and the Treasurer has a donation of £1000 which could be used towards the cost. The PCC resolved to carry out the kitchen uplift.
2. Healing Ministry. Proposals were discussed as to the method of delivering " Healing and Wholeness" and Healing Services. Options included Prayer Ministry after the Communion at Eucharist Service Commission the Healers after the Peace for this ministry to take place following the Eucharist Service or a separate Healing Service
The PCC resolved that a demonstration be given to the congregation.
3. Back to Church Sunday This year this takes place on 26th September. Its aim is to encourage church members to invite their friends back to church. It needs a lot of organisation so the material will be requested in order to aim for September 2011.
4. Outreach Group. HIlary Caffyn's report provided an excellent example of the congregation's generosity during the recession. The Christmas Appeal raised around £2700 split between Stonepillow and the Chichester Shared House. The Lent Appeal raised £995 for Arun Mujjimbire's school fees in Uganda and the balance to the Sansthan Children's Home in Jaipur, India.  The cake sale after the service on 9th May is for Christian Aid, the sponsored Bike Ride is on 11th September, and the Harvest Supper will take place on 9th October.
5. Junior Church. Elizabeth Woodford had reported more adult volunteer helpers. The building work at Lavant School had now been completed so the 3rd Sunday in the month sessions had resumed there. The creation of Easter Gardens at Easter this year instead of the usual bonnets had proved successful as well as a useful teaching aid.
6. Treasurer's Report. The 3 monthly statement showed a deficit of £870 broadly in line with the budgeted yearly deficit. This will have to be addressed at a future PCC Meeting.
7. Churchwardens' Report. The few numbers (only 6) turning up for the annual spring cleaning at St Nicholas' was disappointing- the church is used throughout the week for social activities ,and it made the task very arduous. If volunteers are unwilling to help in future the PCC may have to consider paying contractors.
The hand held microphone at St Nicholas' and the lapel microphone at St Mary's have been replaced. The Rector's vestry will be redecorated and refurbished once the lighting work is completed.
The Awayday on 17th April was postponed due to lack of support.
8. St Nicholas' Organ. At the time of the meeting the organ repairer was away on holiday so the damage to the organ that went up in smoke has yet to be assessed.
  • The Standing Committee will meet 10 am in the Lavant Room on 18th May 10
  • The special full PCC will meet for the MAP (Mission Action Plan) Review with the groups at 7.00pm 18th May 10 in the Lavant Room
  • Next full PCC Meeting Tuesday 22nd June 2010 at 7,30 pm in the Lavant Room

Notes From the Annual Parocial Church Meeting

posted 3 Apr 2010, 08:31 by Richard Ryder   [ updated 26 Feb 2011, 02:53 ]

Meetings IconBelow are the notes from the APCM held on the 23rd March 2010

45 parishioners attended the meeting and 11 apologies received.

1. Arun Mujjimbire. Annabel Bowerman made a plea for increased help for Aran Mujjimbire's school fees. The Lent project each year raises funds for his fees. As he is now doing A Levels in Uganda his fees have increased to over £600 per annum

2. Elections. Patrick Madeley and Tina Saunders were re-elected as Churchwardens
Karen Eggleston and Julia Farwell elected to the PCC.
Margaret Johnson co-opted to the PCC

3. Electoral Roll. Richard Ryder reported an increase to the Electoral Roll to 411

4. Annual Report and Financial Statement for 2009. Richard Fisk's Report and Statement had been widely circulated in both churches prior to the meeting. Planned giving and collections totalling £73,000 were down by £1000 on the previous year. Interest rate on the deposit account down due to dramatic drop in interest rates. Parish contribution to the Diocese increased to £57,700 in 2009 and will increase again by £2,700 in 2010. The net financial deficit for 2009 was £172- compared with a surplus of £4,100 in 2008. We need to address the trend of increasing costs against static or declining income. The full annual Report is attached.
5. Independent Examiner. Miles Barber has agreed to be appointed for a further year.

6. Churchwardens' Report. The main focus in 2009 has been the replacement lighting in St Mary's. The plans were granted a faculty in January and the work will be carried out immediately following Easter lasting 6 weeks.The Church will be open for weekend services but closed in the week. The Lavant Room will remain open.

The faculty application for the Memorial Garden Stelae proved problematical but we now have 2 inscribed stelae in place provding a lasting memorial to loved ones. Thanks are due to Neil Morton for his inspirational work and to Rodney Fisher as the main benefactor.

The creation of an outreach post office at St Nicholas' for 2 morning per week is proving successsful and thanks expressed to Brian Coles for his work on this.

The Parish Awayday in September was successful and a further one is planned in April

7. Deanery Synod Report. Elizabeth Woodford gave a report on the year's activity. 3 meetings had taken place during the year. In June 2009 the main talk was on the life of our Cathedral where there are 330,000 visitors annually. It cost £2 million annually to maintain the Cathedral that hosts lunch time concerts, and special services for local organisation as well as the regular services. Chichester is one of only a few cathedrals not charging for entry. In November the meeting was held in the newly restored Boxgrove Priory where the meeting was informed of a proposal to reduce the number of Bishops and the new clergy discipline legislation. Deborah Bracken, our Deanery Family Support Worker, spoke at this meeting. Our parish contributes £1,000 yearly. She is dealing with 16 families at present with 10 more on a waiting list. In February this year a presentation was giiven by the recently appointed Diocesan Mission and Renewal Advisor, the Revd Richard Jackson. Chichester Deanery is reported to be the only one that has grown over the past 8 years. A report from the recent General Synod was given. Debates had ensued on growth; how to engage young people; a controversial discussion on civil partnerships, and the need to recognise the importance of the Bible. Next year is the 400th aniversary of the Authorised Version of the Bible.
Parishioners were urged to consider representing the parish on the Deanery Synod. We are entitled to 5 and only have 3 at present. Elections will be held in 2011.

8. Parish Reports
a) Good Neighbours Scheme. Cynthia Blades gave a report on this new group that was started some 6 months ago. It aims to befriend people who are lonely by visiting; helping those who are ill by shopping or collecting prescriptions; offering help by reference to other agencies who can give practical help. Home Communion can be arranged. A leaflet is to be distributed throughout the parish and contains a list of useful telephone numbers.
b) Healing Ministry. Karen Eggleston gave a report on this new group. Members of the group had held regular meetings and attended courses at Crowhurst Christian Healing Centre and other training available in the Healing Ministry. The Cathedral and other churches that hold healing services have been visited. Books and leaflets will be availale in St Mary's. It is proposed that the Healing Ministry will be included as part of the usual Eucharist Service at St Mary's. The options and practicalities have to be worked out but firstly the Rector will discuss the subject in the Lavant News and in sermons.
c) Home Groups. Mary Ninness gave a resume of the year's activities. The title had evolved from the former title of Home Bible Study Group as it was felt the emphasis on study might deter some people. The year has been successful and on occasions more than 60 people were involved. Thanks were expressed to the hosts of the sessions as a home environment is more comfortable. A variety of materials have been used throughout the year. There is a store of sessions created by the Rector . Someone with the ability/expertise to transfer these session from video to DVD is needed so this material can be utitised again. New members are always welcome.
Rector's Remarks. He began by thanking all the leaders and members of the groups referred to in the Annual Report and also the work of the PCC, Churchwardens Secretary and Treasurer. He thanked Geoff Barter tfor his help and support conducting services. Fiona Page, Elizabeth Woodford , Carol Loten and Clive Stroud. He was personally grateful to everyone for pulling together. He compared his life to that of his favourite film "It's a Wonderful Life.
Patrick Madeley concluded by thanking the Rector for his leadership and inspiration.
The next Meeting of the full PCC will be on Tuesday 20th April in the Lavant Room 7.30 pm

The Standing Committee will meet at 10.00am on Tuesday 18th May in the Lavant Room and on that same day there will be a special meeting of the full PCC together with group leaders to discuss our Mission Action Plan at 7.00 pm in the Lavant Room

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