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posted 11 Jun 2011, 07:29 by Richard Ryder   [ updated 23 Feb 2015, 08:56 ]
Exciting Arena Events; Stalls; Grand Raffle Games; Teas; Icecream and much much more!…
2pm to 5pm Saturday 18th June
All year your committee has been working away but, we need your help!
Here are some of the ways…
  • Prizes are urgently needed for our Grand Raffle. Please sell the tickets you will receive shortly. Could you buy even more? Please contact Sheila Sims or any Fete Committee Member (see below).
  • Don your aprons (calling both men and women!) and “bake a cake as fast as you can” for a).The delectable W.I. cake stall; b). Sandy Barnett’s Refreshments. Traybakes and small cakes are best for Sandy, please.
  • Sign up to help, for a short time on the day, with one of the 4 Church Games Stalls or Book Stall. Lists are at the back of both churches or ring Diane Simpson(788750), Rosie Hoare(781528) or Rob and Brigid Whyte(Book Stall 527194).
  • Search your home for an item of Bric-a-Brac, a Plant, a Bottle a Tin or other Tombola prize for the Stalls on your special Village Day? Perhaps you have an unwanted gift you might donate? Even one from each of us will do the trick! Contributions can be given to any Committee Member or brought to The Rectory. We are relying on YOU to help us in any way you feel you can!
There will be something for EVERYONE! That’s a promise!
Please would help us again as you did so generously last year?  
See you there!
David and Edwina Parker(527313);
Ed Austin(01798867542);Sheila Sims(527894);
Rosie Hoare(781528);Ian Hutton(528897).